Epigenetics of Lifestyle

Editor(s): Marcelina Párrizas, Rosa Gasa and Perla Kaliman

Indexed in: Book Citation Index, Science Edition; BIOSIS Previews, Web of Science and Scopus.

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Recent advances in the fields of genomics and bioinformatics have made it increasingly clear that genetic sequence alone cannot explain how the genome regulates the development and function of ...
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Pp. i-ii (2)

Ezra Susser

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Pp. iii

Marcelina Párrizas, Rosa Gasa and Perla Kaliman

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Pp. iv-vi (3)

Marcelina Párrizas, Rosa Gasa and Perla Kaliman

Epigenetics of Lifestyle: The Plasticity of the Genetic Information

Pp. 3-35 (33)

Marcelina Párrizas, Rosa Gasa and Perla Kaliman

PDF Price: $15

Epigenetics of Memory: Evidence and Models

Pp. 36-69 (34)

Bechara J. Saab and Isabelle M. Mansuy

PDF Price: $15

Epigenetics of Stress

Pp. 70-89 (20)

Andrew Collins, María Gutièrrez-Mecinas, Alexandra F. Trollope and Johannes M.H.M. Reul

PDF Price: $15

Epigenetic Mechanisms in Drug Addiction and its Clinical Management

Pp. 90-138 (49)

Carla Sanchis-Segura and Marta Miquel

PDF Price: $15

Epigenetics of Nutrition

Pp. 139-160 (22)

Karen A. Lillycrop and Graham C. Burdge

PDF Price: $15

Influences of Environmental Toxicants on the Human Epigenome

Pp. 161-174 (14)

Jorge A. Alegría-Torres, Valentina Bollati and Andrea Baccarelli

PDF Price: $15