Hepatic Elastography Using Ultrasound Waves

Editor(s): Ioan Sporea and Roxana Șirli

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Some time ago, Schiano raised the question "To B or not to B", which means "To Biopsy or not to Biopsy" the liver for the evaluation of chronic hepatopathies. For a long period, liver biopsy (LB) was ...
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About the Authors  Open Access Plus

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Ioan Sporea and Roxana Șirli

Foreword  Open Access Plus

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Fabio Piscaglia

Preface  Open Access Plus

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Ioan Sporea and Roxana Șirli

List of Contributors  Open Access Plus

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Ioan Sporea and Roxana Șirli

Physics and Technical Information  Open Access Plus

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Ioan Lie

Transient Elastography (TE)  Open Access Plus

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Ioan Sporea and Roxana Șirli

Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography  Open Access Plus

Pp. 52-84 (33)

Simona Bota and Ioan Sporea

Real-Time Elastography (RT-E)  Open Access Plus

Pp. 85-95 (11)

Ioan Sporea and Alina Popescu

ShearWave Elastography (SWE)  Open Access Plus

Pp. 96-102 (7)

Alina Popescu and Ioan Sporea

Combined Methods for Liver Fibrosis Evaluation  Open Access Plus

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Ioan Sporea and Simona Bota

Elastography in Focal Liver Lesions  Open Access Plus

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Ana Jurchiș

Index  Open Access Plus

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Ioan Sporea and Roxana Șirli