Design of Analog Circuits through Symbolic Analysis

Design of Analog Circuits through Symbolic Analysis

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Symbolic analyzers have the potential to offer knowledge to sophomores as well as practitioners of analog circuit design. Actually, they are an essential complement to numerical simulators, since ...
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AMS Synthesis Using Symbolic Methods

Pp. 413-444 (32)

Mauro Santos and Nuno Horta


This chapter addresses the problem of automatically generating data converter topologies, from algorithm descriptions to behavior building blocks, using a symbolic synthesis methodology. The discussed approach consists of an algorithm-driven methodology, which employs a combination of symbolic signal flow graph techniques, to generate canonical representations for data converter algorithm descriptions, together with pattern recognition techniques, to determine the appropriate functional building blocks for the data converter topology. The methodology is illustrated by working examples where VERILOG-AMS descriptions are considered at the input stage, for algorithm specification, and at the output stage, for topology description, in both cases the CADENCE® IC Design Environment is used for validation purposes.


Symbolic synthesis, algorithm-driven methodology, data converters, topology generation, algorithm descriptions, signal flow graphs, canonical representations, pattern recognition, behavior building blocks, functional building blocks, VERILOG-AMS.


Instituto Superior Técnico, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Lisbon, Portugal