Handbook of Natural Zeolites

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Handbook of Natural Zeolites provides a comprehensive and updated summary of all important aspects of natural zeolites science and technology. The e-book contains four sections covering the relevant ...
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Sustainable Use of Natural Zeolites in the Treatment of Wastes

Pp. 509-518 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805261511201010509

Author(s): İpek İmamoğlu, Kadir Gedik


Information presented here focus on the sustainable commercial use of natural zeolites. Topics specifically covered include; (i) use of this natural mineral for remediation of contaminated sites and clean-up of spills, (ii) treatment and handling of animal/agricultural wastes considering recent climate change policies, (iii) management of wastewater treatment plant sludges to enable valuable product formation and prevention of formation of hazardous wastes. Reuse of spent zeolites and future trends in terms of their commercial use, together with potential limitations are also discussed.


Clinoptilolite, remediation, contaminated site, spill clean-up, waste treatment, treatment plant sludge, landfill, manure, fertilizer, soil conditioner, compost, industrial wastewater treatment, heavy metal retention, regeneration, greenhouse gas emission, hazardous waste, odor control, liner material, greywater treatment.