On-Chip Pretreatment of Whole Blood by Using MEMS Technology

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The Microfabrication technology has stimulated a plurality of lab-on-a-chip research for biomedical researchers and health care practitioners to manipulate and analyze complex biological fluids at ...
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Microfluidic Chips for DNA Extraction and Purification

Pp. 84-109 (26)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805147211201010084

Author(s): Xing Chen, Dafu Cui, Jian Chen


Nucleic acid extraction is an important element of sample preparation for genomic analysis which requires extracting DNA or RNA and removing other proteins or impurities. In this chapter, we firstly review traditional large-scale methods for DNA extraction and purification, followed by corresponding microfluidics based approaches. And then an example of DNA extraction from whole blood and culture cells in a microfluidic chip is provided in which the device design, fabrication and testing, based on the principle of solid phase extract (SPE) are covered in detail. In this specific example, various solid phase matrixes have been prepared, characterized and tested.


DNA extraction, solid phase extraction, porous matrix, MEMS, microfluidics.