Kidney Transplantation: Challenging the Future

Editor(s): Massimiliano Veroux

Co-Editor(s): Pierfrancesco Veroux

Indexed in: Web of Science and Scopus, Book Citation Index, Science Edition.

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Kidney transplantation is worldwide considered the best replacement therapy in patients with end-stage renal disease. However, although impressive improvements in surgical techniques and in the ...
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Pp. i

Alessandro Nanni Costa

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Pp. ii

Massimiliano Veroux

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Pp. iii-vi (4)

Massimiliano Veroux and Pierfrancesco Veroux

The Clinical Evaluation of the Renal Transplant Candidate

Pp. 20-26 (7)

Pietro Castellino, Luca Zanoli and Annamaria Zoccolo

PDF Price: $30

High-Risk Recipients in Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 27-46 (20)

Neha Patel and Nicole A. Weimert

PDF Price: $30

ABO-Incompatible Renal Transplantation

Pp. 47-55 (9)

Kazunari Tanabe

PDF Price: $30

Pre-Transplant Histological Evaluation in Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 56-62 (7)

Lidia Puzzo and Enrico Vasquez

PDF Price: $30

Kidney Transplantation from Donors with Hepatitis

Pp. 71-84 (14)

Massimiliano Veroux, Daniela Corona and Pierfrancesco Veroux

PDF Price: $30

Perioperative Anaesthesiologic Management During Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 85-97 (13)

Massimiliano Sorbello, Laura Parrinello, Jessica Giuseppina Maugeri, Alessandro Laudani, Mirko Tindaro Sidoti and Gianluigi Morello

PDF Price: $30

Surgical Techniques of Living Donor Nephrectomy

Pp. 98-127 (30)

Ugo Boggi, Fabio Vistoli, Carlo Moretto, Marco Del Chiaro, Chiara Croce, Stefano Signori, Nelide De Lio, Vittorio Perrone and Gabriella Amorese

PDF Price: $30

A Market in Organs

Pp. 128-143 (16)

Miran Epstein

PDF Price: $30

Pediatric Renal Transplantation

Pp. 144-167 (24)

Kar-Hui Ng, Wee-Song Yeo and Hui-Kim Yap

PDF Price: $30

Diagnostic Challenges in Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 168-185 (18)

Kevin Herman, Abid Irshad, Susan Ackerman and Mehwish Shazly

PDF Price: $30

Immunosuppression in Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 186-207 (22)

Giuseppe Grandaliano, Vincenzo Losappio and Annamaria Maiorano

PDF Price: $30

Minimization of Immunosuppression

Pp. 208-218 (11)

Joshua J. Augustine and Donald E. Hricik

PDF Price: $30

Protocol Biopsies in Renal Transplantation

Pp. 219-226 (8)

David Rush

PDF Price: $30

Quality of Life After Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 227-240 (14)

Kris Denhaerynck, Fabienne Dobbels, Jürg Steiger and Sabina De Geest

PDF Price: $30

Graft-Transmitted Infection in Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 241-250 (10)

Laetitia Albano, Marie-France Mamzer, Fanny Lanternier, Christophe Legendre and Olivier Lortholary

PDF Price: $30

Infectious Complications of Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 251-272 (22)

Paolo Antonio Grossi and Daniela Dalla Gasperina

PDF Price: $30

Impact of Polyomavirus BK and Cytomegalovirus on the Kidney Allograft

Pp. 273-288 (16)

Ilkka Helanterä, Adrian Egli, Petri Koskinen, Hans H. Hirsch and Irmeli Lautenschlager

PDF Price: $30

Epidemiology of Cancers After Kidney Transplantation and Role of Viral Infections

Pp. 289-301 (13)

Pierluca Piselli, Enrico Girardi, Diego Serraino, Vincenzo Puro, Claudia Cimaglia and Giuseppe Ippolito

PDF Price: $30

Post-Transplant Cancer: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management

Pp. 302-311 (10)

Giuseppe Giuffrida, Daniela Corona and Massimiliano Veroux

PDF Price: $30

Cardiovascular Disease and Renal Transplantation

Pp. 312-323 (12)

Emily P. McQuarrie, Alan G. Jardine, Bengt C. Fellström and Hallvard Holdaas

PDF Price: $30

Glomerulonephritis After Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 324-339 (16)

Bela Ivanyi, Dejan Dobi, Eva Kemeny and Edit Szederkenyi

PDF Price: $30

Chronic Renal Allograft Dysfunction

Pp. 340-353 (14)

Roberto Marcén

PDF Price: $30

Pregnancy and Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 354-369 (16)

Lisa A. Coscia, Carolyn H. McGrory and Vincent T. Armenti

PDF Price: $30

Clinical Tolerance in Kidney Transplantation

Pp. 370-377 (8)

Tatsuo Kawai and A. Benedict Cosimi

PDF Price: $30

Xenotransplantion: Perspectives on the Future

Pp. 378-389 (12)

Burcin Ekser

PDF Price: $30

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Pp. 390-391 (2)

Massimiliano Veroux and Pierfrancesco Veroux