Commercial Space Tourism: Impediments to Industrial Development and Strategic Communication Solutions

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The general themes of this analysis of the commercial space tourism industry include three main topics; 1) Benefits of commercial space tourism to numerous stakeholders, 2) The viability of ...
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The Primary Functions of Space Tourism Strategic Communication

Pp. 163-186 (24)

Dirk C. Gibson


Strategic communication activity is guided by purposes, which are referred to as communication functions because they designate the rhetorical intent or function served by the communication activity. In the space tourism context, thirty-one different communication functions being served by the communication were identified. In this chapter the sixteen most prevalent functions were identified, quantified and exemplified. They include: 1) Investor relations, 2) Lobbying, 3) Information management, 4) Attitude change, 5) Education, 6) Creation of awareness, 7) Public interest campaigns, 8) Credibility enhancement, 9) Image creation and defense, 10) Coalition building, 11) Crisis management, 12) Public information campaigns, 13) Public advocacy, 14) Public referendum campaigns, 15) Promotion of space tourism and 16) Marketing public relations.


Alliance, American aerospace industry, attitude, attitude change, Challenger, credibility, crisis, crisis management, coalition-building, education, image, image creation, image defense, information, information management, interpersonal communication, public advocacy, public referendum, public interest campaigns, X-Prize Foundation.


University of New Mexico Member of National Space Society Department of Communication & Journalism USA