Nutrition and Cancer From Epidemiology to Biology

Editor(s): Pier Paolo Claudio and Richard M. Niles

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Various estimates suggest that between 30-40% of all human cancers are related to dietary patterns. Strong epidemiological evidence from population and twin studies points to dietary constituents ...
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Gary G. Meadows

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Pp. ii

Pier Paolo Claudio and Richard M. Niles

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Pier Paolo Claudio and Richard M. Niles

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Pier Paolo Claudio and Richard M. Niles

Resveratrol, A Phytoalexin with a Multitude of Anti-Cancer Activities

Pp. 3-14 (12)

Richard M. Niles and Gary O. Rankin

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Capsaicin: Potential Applications in Cancer Therapy

Pp. 15-25 (11)

Jamie K. Lau, Kathleen C. Brown, Aaron M. Dom and Piyali Dasgupta

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids as an Adjuvant to Cancer Therapy

Pp. 26-38 (13)

Elaine W. Hardman

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Green Tea Catechins and Cancer

Pp. 39-49 (11)

Richard Egleton

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Receptor Independent Effects of Retinoids

Pp. 50-64 (15)

Kinsley Kelley Kiningham and Anne Silvis

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Nutrition, Oxidative Stress and Cancer

Pp. 77-86 (10)

Monica Valentovic and Nalini Santanam

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Isothiocyanates Target Carcinogenesis During Tumor Initiation, Promotion and Progression

Pp. 98-107 (10)

Mary Allison Wolf and Pier Paolo Claudio

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Pp. 108-109 (2)

Pier Paolo Claudio and Richard M. Niles