Potassium Channels as a Target for Clinical Therapeutics

Editor(s): Ivan Kocic

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This e-book presents an overview of the different substances capable of modulating potassium channels in relation to various clinical indications in cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology and ...
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Ljiljana Gojkovic Bukarica

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Ivan Kocic

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Pp. iii

Ivan Kocic

Potassium Channels and Cardioprotection

Pp. 3-20 (18)

Ashan Jayasekera and Aleksandar Jovanović

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Potassium Channels Modulators as Antiarrhytmics

Pp. 21-42 (22)

Dariusz Kozlowski

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Modulators of K+ Channels in Diabetology

Pp. 43-60 (18)

Małgorzata Mysliwiec

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Molecular Biology and Mutations of K+ Channels

Pp. 78-94 (17)

Izabela Rusiecka and Ivan Kocic

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Ivan Kocic

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Ivan Kocic