Science TQM, New Quality Management Principle: The Quality Management Strategy of Toyota

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When we look at the quality management issues that have faced, both, in Japan and the rest of the world recently, it is clear that a next-generation quality management practice is required, featuring ...
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Strategic QCD Studies with Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Suppliers Strategic Development of Science TQM - 3

Pp. 120-132 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805282011201010120

Author(s): Kakuro Amasaka


This paper analyzes and proves the significance of strategically implementing “Science TQM”, which combines the “Strategic task team model”, “Global partnering model”, and “Simultaneous Fulfillment of QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) approach model” verified at Toyota. Studies were conducted by developing Science TQM not only at affiliated suppliers, but also at non-affiliated companies, and aims to achieve harmonious coexistence between these suppliers. The studies successfully achieved simultaneous QCD fulfillment, which is a global management challenge in production.


Science TQM, strategic task team model, global partnering model, simultaneous QCD fulfillment, affiliated and non-affiliated suppliers, toyota