Advanced Materials for Membrane Preparation

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The need to reduce pollution and the waste of energy and resources imposes a wider diffusion of environmentally friendly membrane systems. The expanding domain of membrane operations demands tailored ...
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New Concepts in Molecular Sieve Membrane Preparation - What can we learn from Zeolite Membrane Preparation for MOF Membrane Synthesis?

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J. Caro


Both zeolite and MOF (metal organic framework) membranes should be able to separate a fluid mixture due to the size and shape of its components and can be called, therefore, “molecular sieve membrane”. During the last years, novel tools have been developed for the synthesis of more powerful zeolite membranes. By rigorously adopting these tools like seeding, use of macroporous ceramic and metal supports, microwave heating, playing with zeta potentials etc., in a relatively short time scale the first MOF membranes with molecular sieve properties could be developed which have almost the same state of development like advanced zeolite membranes.


Zeolite membranes, MOF membranes, ZIF-7, ZIF-8, ZIF-90, ZIF-22, H2 separation, CO2/CH4 separation


Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Leibniz University Hannover, Callinstr. 3A, D-30167 Hannover, Germany