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Epigenetic Inheritance of Paternally Expressed Imprinted Genes in the Testes of ICSI Mice

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Year: 2014 Page: 1764-1771
Author(s): Xiang-Rong Xu, Rong-guo Fu, Li-Ya Wang, Ning Wang, Fan Zhang, Fang Le, Lei Li, Le-Jun Li, Xiao-Zhen Liu, Ying-Ming Zheng, Hang-Ying Lou, Shi-Wen Jiang, Xiao-Ming Zhu, Yi-Min Zhu, He-Feng Huang, Fan Jin

Reversal of Bone Cancer Pain by HSV-1-Mediated Silencing of CNTF in an Afferent Area of the Spinal Cord Associated with AKT-ERK Signal Inhibition

Journal: Current Gene Therapy
Volume: 14 Issue: 5 Year: 2014 Page: 377-388
Author(s): Xu Yang,Jia Liu,Zun-Jing Liu,Qing-Jie Xia,Mu He,Ran Liu,Wei Liu,Wei Wang,Jin Liu,Xin-Fu Zhou,Yun-Hui Zhang,Ting-Hua Wang

Anticancer Studies of Leucovorin against Methotrexate Induced Genotoxicity in Swiss Albino Mice

Journal: Letters in Drug Design & Discovery
Volume: 11 Issue: 1 Year: 2014 Page: 10-14
Author(s): Chandra Sekhar Singh Bhaludra,Adharvana Chari Murugulla,Chakrapani Pullagummi,Ajay kumar Polkampally,Roja Rani Anupalli

Nanofiber Scaffolds Support Bone Regeneration Associated with Pulp Stem Cells

Journal: Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Volume: 9 Issue: 4 Year: 2014 Page: 330-337
Author(s): Gerson Arisoly Xavier Acasigua,Lisiane Bernardi,Daikelly Iglesias Braghirolli,Manoel Sant'Ana Filho,Patricia Pranke,Anna Christina Medeiros Fossati

Synthesis, Characterization, in vivo and in silico Studies of Antidepressant Activity of 2-chloro-4’methoxy Benzoin

Journal: Current Chemical Biology
Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Year: 2014 Page: 17-26
Author(s): Balasundaram Thanuja,Charles C. Kanakam

Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of N3 Aryl/ Heteroaryl Substituted 2-((Benzyloxy and Phenylthio) Methyl) 6,7- dimethoxyquinazolin-4(3H)-ones as Potential Anticonvulsant Agents

Journal: Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 10 Issue: 8 Year: 2014 Page: 800-809
Author(s): Nirupam Das,Anupam G. Banerjee,Sushant K. Shrivastava

Defining the Properties of pH -sensitive Polymeric Micellar Ocular Delivery System of Miconazole Nitrate for the Management of Fungal Endophthalmitis

Journal: Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Year: 2014 Page: 157-166
Author(s): Vaishali Agrawal, Manish Kumar, Kamla Pathak

Composite Microspheres of Rosin Gum and Ethyl cellulose for Controlled Release of an Anti-diabetic Drug: in-vitro and in-vivo Assessment

Journal: Drug Delivery Letters
Volume: 4 Issue: 3 Year: 2014 Page: 227-235
Author(s): Kumari Niharika, Hanakunti M. Nanjappaiah, Akram A. Naikawadi, Raghavendra V. Kulkarni

Design of Bioartificial Pancreas with Functional Micro/Nano-Based Encapsulation of Islets

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Volume: 15 Issue: 7 Year: 2014 Page: 590-608
Author(s): Burcu Kepsutlu,Caner Nazli,Tugba Bal Bal,Seda Kizilel

VEGFA and PlGF Protein Signature of Primary Stage IV Rectal Cancer Pre and Post Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy, Bevacizumab, and Chemotherapy

Journal: Current Angiogenesis (Discontinued)
Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Year: 2014 Page: 164-173
Author(s): Karin Tamas,Tonnis H. van Dijk,Urszula M. Domanska,Hetty Timmer-Bosscha,Klaas Havenga,Arend Karrenbeld,Wilfred F.A. den Dunnen,Wim J. Sluiter,Wouter B. Nagengast,Jannet C. Beukema,Marcel A.T.M. van Vugt,Elisabeth G.E. de Vries,Annemiek M.E. Walenkamp,Geke A.P. Hospers

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