Adolescent Psychiatry


Lois T. Flaherty
Harvard University Medical School
Cambridge, MA


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Articles Ahead of Print

Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adolescents with Complex Clinical Presentations: A Montreal Case Series

Nicolas Garel* and Patricia Garel

Strategies for Autism Diagnosis and Care in Resource Deprived Settings in Africa: An Overview

Yewande Olufunmilayo Oshodi*, Elizabeth Adebola Campbell and Folusho Afolabi Lesi

Assessing Personality Disorders in Adolescence: A Validation Study of the IPOP-A

Isabel Leal*, Sara Bailote Silva, Maria Meireles Ramos, Marta Pedreira, Vera Santos Ramos and Pedro Pires

Body Dysmorphic Disorder-Whither to Go? A Narrative Review

Himanshu Sharma*, Bharti Sharma and Nisheet Patel

A Novel Approach to Assess Violent and Homicidal Ideation: The I-HAVAT©

Salma Malik, Sophia Walker and Kevin You oftus*

Retention and Treatment Outcome of Youth with Cannabis Use Disorder Referred By the Legal System

Yifrah Kaminer*, Christine Ohannessian and Rebecca Burke

In-person vs. eHealth Mindfulness-based Intervention for Adolescents with Chronic Illnesses: A Pilot Randomized Trial

Nicholas Chadi*, Elli Weisbaum, Catherine Malboeuf-Hurtubise, Sara Ahola Kohut, Christine Viner, Nades Palaniyar, Miriam Kaufman, Jake Locke and Dzung X. Vo

Substance Use in Adolescents Presenting to the Emergency Department

Edore Onigu-Otite*, Miju Kurtzweil, Veronica Tucci and Nidal Moukaddam

Stigmatising Attitudes Towards Depression and Alcohol Misuse in Young People: Relationships with Help-Seeking Intentions and Behavior

Ali Cheetham, Dan Lubman*, Anthony Jorm, Coralie Wilson, Bonita Berridge and Fiona Blee