Current Aging Science


Prof. Debomoy K. Lahiri
Department of Psychiatry
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN


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Articles Ahead of Print

An Investigation of the Anti-Parkinsonism Potential of Co-enzyme Q10 and Co-enzyme Q10 /Levodopa-carbidopa Combination in Mice

Onaolapo OJ, Odeniyi AO, Jonathan SO, Samuel MO, Amadiegwu D, Olawale A, Tiamiyu AO, Ojo FO, Yahaya HA, Ayeni OJ and Onaolapo AY*

Novel Study of Model-based Clustering Time Series Gene Expression in Different Tissues: Applications to Aging Process

Farzane Ahmadi, Ali-Reza Abadi, Zahra Bazi and Abolfazl Movafagh*

Neo-vascular Age-related Macular Degeneration and its Association with Alzheimer’s Disease

Zois Papadopoulos*

A Derived Mechanism of the Nervous System Functions Explains Aging-Related Neurodegeneration as a Gradual Loss of an Evolutionary Adaptation

Kunjumon I Vadakkan*

Sexual Behavior is Enhanced by Regular, Repeated Mating from Young Adulthood to Middle Age in Female Long-Evans Rats

Fay A. Guarraci*, Chantal M. F. Gonzalez, Devon Lucero, Lourdes K. Davis and Sarah Meerts

Aging in the Perspective of Integrative Medicine, Psychoneuroendocrineimmunology and Hormesis

A. Cavezzi*, L. Ambrosini, R. Colucci, G. Di Ionna and S. U. Urso

The Impact of Variable Factors on the Health-Related Quality of Life in the Elderly in Japan and Russia

Kirill Kosilov*, Hiroki Amedzawa, Irina Kuzina, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Liliya Kosilova

rs3851179G>A in PICALM is Protective Against Alzheimer’s Disease in Five Different Countries Surrounding the Mediterranean

Inas Masri, Ali Salami, Said El Shamieh* and Nisrine Bissar-Tadmouri

A Hypothetical Link Between Verbal Fluency and Functionality in Aging: A Systematic-review and Paths for Future Research

José Roberto Wajman*

Bone Mineral Density Assessment by DXA vs. QCT in Postmenopausal Females with Central Obesity

Lejla Milisic, Sandra Vegar-Zubovic, Amina Valjevac* and Suada Hasanovic- Vučković

Nigella sativa L., Supplementary Plant with Anticholinesterase Effect for Cognition Problems: A Kinetic Study

Mehdi Ansari, Ali Mandegary, Niloofar Mosalanejhad, Amir Asadi and Fariba Sharififar*

Exploring the Potential Effect of Methanolic Extract of Salvia officinalis Against UV Exposed Skin Aging: In vivo and In vitro Model

Ruchi Khare*, Neeraj Upmanyu and Megha Jha