Current Molecular Pharmacology

Michael Kahn
University of Southern California
1450 Biggy Street
Los Angeles, NRT 4501, CA 90033


Abstract Ahead of Print

MicroRNA, cancer and diet: facts and new exciting perspectives

Maria Letizia Motti, Stefania D’Angelo and Rosaria Meccariello

Gamma-Decanolactone Improves Biochemical Parameters Associated With Pilocarpine-Induced Seizures In Male Mice

Pricila Pflüger, Gabriela Gregory Regner, Vanessa R. Coelho, Lucas Lima da Silva, Leopoldo Nascimento, Cassiana Macagnan Viau, Régis Adriel Zanette, Cleonice Hoffmann, Jaqueline Nascimento Picada, Jenifer Saffi and Patrícia Pereira

Characterization of Imatinib Resistant CML Leukemic Stem/Initiating Cells and Their Sensitivity to CBP/Catenin Antagonists

Yi Zhao, Kaijin Wu, Yongfeng Wu, Elizabeth Melendez, Goar Smbatyan, David Massiello and Michael Kahn