Current Molecular Pharmacology


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Beckman Research Institute
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Ahead of Print Article(s)

Tandem Mass Spectrometric Cell Wall Proteome Profiling of a Candida albicans hwp2 Mutant Strain

Andy Awad, Pamela El Khoury, Brigitte Wex and Roy A. Khalaf*

Transdermal Delivery of AT1 Receptor Antagonists Reduces Blood Pres-sure and Reveals a Vasodilatory Effect on Kidney Blood Vessels

Michaila Michalatou, Maria Androutsou, Markos Antonopoulos, Demetrios V Vlahakos*, George Agelis, Anthony Zulli, Tawar Qaradakhi, Kathleen Mikkelsen, Vasso Apostolopoulos* and John Matsoukas*

L-Sulforaphane Confers Protection Against Oxidative Stress in an In Vitro Model of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Nabeela Khadija Dulull, Daniel Anthony Dias, Thilini Rasika Thrimawithana and Faith Ai Ai Kwa*

COX-2 in Radiotherapy: A Potential Target for Radioprotection and Radiosensitization

Mohsen Cheki, Rasoul yahyapour, Bagher Farhood, Abolhassan Rezaeyan, Dheyauldeen Shabeeb, Peyman Amini, Saeed Rezapoor and Masoud Najafi*

Targeting M3 Muscarinic Receptors for Colon Cancer Therapy

Jessica Felton*, Shien Hu and Jean-Pierre Raufman

Targeting of Inflammation for Radiation Protection and Mitigation

Rasoul Yahyapour, Peyman Amini, Saeed Rezapoor, Abolhasan Rezaeyan, Bagher Farhood, Mohsen Cheki, Hengameh Fallah and Masoud Najafi*