Current Alzheimer Research


Debomoy K. Lahiri  
Department of Psychiatry
Indiana University School of Medicine
Neuroscience Research Center
Indianapolis, IN 46202


Articles Ahead of Print

Stroke as a Cause of Death in Death Certificates of Patients with Dementia: A Cohort Study from the Swedish Dementia Registry

Ana Subic*, Eva Zupanic, Mia von Euler, Bo Norrving, Pavla Cermakova, Dorota Religa, Bengt Winblad, Milica G. Kramberger, Maria Eriksdotter and Sara Garcia-Ptacek

Effect of the interaction Between Hypertension and Cerebral White Matter Changes on the Progression of Alzheimer Disease

Ping-Song Chou, Yi-Hui Kao, Meng-Ni Wu, Mei-Chuan Chou, Chun-Hung Chen, Ruey-Tay Lin and Yuan-Han Yang*

The Implications of Autophagy in Alzheimer’s Disease

Tadanori Hamano*, Kouji Hayashi, Norimichi Shirafuji and Yasunari Nakamoto

Event-related Potentials Improve the Efficiency of Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers for Differential Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Mirjana Babić Leko, Magdalena Krbot Skorić, Nataša Klepac, Fran Borovečki, Lea Langer Horvat, Željka Vogrinc, Zdenko Sonicki, Patrick R. Hof and Goran Šimić *

Mapping Exchangeable Protons to Monitor Protein Alterations in the Brain of an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model by Using MRI

Geon-Ho Jahng*, Wonmin Choi, Julius Juhyun Chung, Sang Tae Kim and Hak Young Rhee

A Mesenchymal Stem Cell Line Transplantation Improves Neurological Function and Angiogenesis in Intraventricular Amyloid β-Infused Rats

Ahsanul Haque, Abdullah Sheikh*, Abdullah Al Mamun, Shozo Yano, Michio Hashimoto, Osamu Shido and Atsushi Nagai

Alzheimer's Disease-Like Pathologies and Cognitive Impairments Induced by Formaldehyde in Nonhuman Primates

Rongwei Zhai, Joshua Rizak, Na Zheng, Xiaping He, Zhenhui Li, Yong Yin, Tao Su, Yingge He, Rongqiao He, Yuanye Ma, Meifeng Yang, Zhengbo Wang and Xintian Hu*

The Role of Lipids and Membranes in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease: A Comprehensive View

Botond Penke*, Gábor Paragi, János Gera, Róbert Berkecz, Zsolt Kovács, Tim Crul and László Vígh

Microdose Lithium NP03 Diminishes Pre-Plaque Oxidative Damage and Neuroinflammation in a Rat Model of Alzheimer’s-like Amyloidosis

Edward N. Wilson, Sonia Do Carmo, M. Florencia Iulita, Hélène Hall, Grant L. Austin, Dan Tong Jia, Janice C. Malcolm, Morgan K. Foret, Adam Marks, D. Allan Butterfield and A. Claudio Cuello*

Assessing Everyday Activities Across the Dementia Spectrum with the Amsterdam IADL Questionnaire

David Facal*, Miguel Angel Ruiz Carabias, Arturo X. Pereiro, Cristina Lojo-Seoane, Maria Campos-Magdaleno, Roos J. Jutten, Sietske A.M. Sikkes and Onesimo Juncos-Rabadan

Crossed Cerebellar Diaschisis in Alzheimer’s Disease

F. E. Reesink*, D. Vallez Garcia, C. A. Sanchez-Catasus, D. E. Peretti, A. T. Willemsen, R. Boellaard, S. K. Meles, R. B. Huitema, B. M. de Jong, R. A. Dierckx and P. P. De Deyn

Crosstalk Between Gut Microbiota and the Central Nervous System: A Focus for Alzheimer's Disease

Vilma Maria Junges, Vera Elizabeth Closs, Guilherme Marcos Nogueira and Maria Gabriela Valle Gottlieb*