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Debomoy K. Lahiri  
Department of Psychiatry
Indiana University School of Medicine
Neuroscience Research Center
Indianapolis, IN 46202


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Alzheimers Disease: SPECT and PET Tracers for Beta-Amyloid Imaging

Volume:7   Issue: 6
Pp: 477-486
V. Valotassiou, S. Archimandritis, N. Sifakis, J. Papatriantafyllou and P. Georgoulias
DOI: 10.2174/156720510792231757

Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease from EEG Signals: Where Are We Standing?

Volume:7   Issue: 6
Pp: 487-505
J. Dauwels, F. Vialatte and A. Cichocki
DOI: 10.2174/156720510792231720

Impacts of Hyper-Homocysteinemia and White Matter Hyper-Intensity in Alzheimers Disease Patients with Normal Creatinine: An MRI-Based Study with Longitudinal Follow-up

Volume:7   Issue: 6
Pp: 527-533
C. W. Huang, W. N. Chang, C. C. Lui, C. F. Chen, C. H. Lu, Y. L. Wang, C. Chen, Y. Y. Juang, Y. T. Lin, M. C. Tu and C. C. Chang
DOI: 10.2174/156720510792231702

Ubiquitin Enzymes, Ubiquitin and Proteasome Activity in Blood Mononuclear Cells of MCI, Alzheimer and Parkinson Patients

Volume:7   Issue: 6
Pp: 549-555
C. Ullrich, R. Mlekusch, A. Kuschnig, J. Marksteiner and C. Humpel
DOI: 10.2174/156720510792231766

Atheromatosis Extent in Coronary Artery Disease is not Correlated with Apolipoprotein-E Polymorphism and its Plasma Levels, but Associated with Cognitive Decline

Volume:7   Issue: 6
Pp: 556-563
L. M. Lima, M.d. G. Carvalho, C. N. Ferreira, A. P. Fernandes, C. P.d.F. Neto, J. C.F. Garcia, H. J. Reis, Z. Janka, A. Palotas and M. d.O. Sousa
DOI: 10.2174/156720510792231711