Current Alzheimer Research

Debomoy K. Lahiri  
Department of Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine
Neuroscience Research Center
Indianapolis, IN 46202


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Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: i-i

DOI: 10.2174/156720501304160314152555

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Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 317-317
Daniel Michaelson
DOI: 10.2174/156720501304160314172830

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Editorial (Thematic Issue: Neuroglia in Alzheimer’s Disease: From Cohort to Contestant in the Disease Progression and its Therapy) free to download

Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 318-320
A. Toledano, J. J. Merino and J. J. Rodríguez
DOI: 10.2174/156720501304160314173258

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Brain local and regional neuroglial alterations in Alzheimer´s Disease: cell types, responses and implications.

Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 321-342
Adolfo Toledano, María-Isabel Álvarez, Adolfo Toledano-Díaz, José-Joaquín Merino and José Julio Rodríguez
DOI: 10.2174/1567205013666151116141217

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Complex and Differential Glial Responses in Alzheimer´s Disease and Ageing

Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 343-358
José J. Rodríguez, Arthur M. Butt, Emanuela Gardenal, Vladimir Parpura and Alexei Verkhratsky
DOI: 10.2174/1567205013666160229112911

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Calcium Signalling Toolkits in Astrocytes and Spatio-Temporal Progression of Alzheimer's Disease

Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 359-369
Dmitry Lim, J. J Rodríguez-Arellano, Vladimir Parpura, Robert Zorec, Fares Zeidán-Chuliá, Armando A. Genazzani and Alexei Verkhratsky
DOI: 10.2174/1567205013666151116130104

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Metabolic Control of Glia-Mediated Neuroinflammation

Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 387-402
Mithilesh Kumar Jha, Dong Ho Park, Hyun Kook, In-Kyu Lee, Won-Ha Lee and Kyoungho Suk
DOI: 10.2174/1567205013666151116124755

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Adrenomedullin Expression in Alzheimer's Brain

Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 428-438
Ana Patricia Fernandez, Julia Serrano Masa, María Atocha Guedan, Hunter S. Futch and Ricardo Martínez-Murillo
DOI: 10.2174/1567205013666160229112725

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Lymphocytes in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology: Altered Signaling Pathways

Volume:13   Issue:4
Pp: 439-449
Noemí Esteras, Carolina Alquézar, Ana de la Encarnación and Ángeles Martín-Requero
DOI: 10.2174/1567205013666151116124912

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