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Articles Ahead of Print

Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure Using Quantum-inspired Genetic Algorithms

Sha Shi, Xin-Li Zhang, Le Yang, Wei Du, Xian-Li Zhao and Yun-Jiang Wang*

Leukocyte Image Segmentation Based on Adaptive Histogram Thresholding and Contour Detection

Xiaogen Zhou, Zuoyong Li, Huosheng Xie*, Ting Feng, Yan Lu, Chuansheng Wang and Rongyan Chen

Integrated in silico Analysis to Study the Role of microRNAs in the Detection of Chronic Kidney Diseases

Amina Khan, Andleeb Zahra, Sana Mumtaz, M. Qaiser Fatmi* and Jawad Khan*

Predicting Protein Phosphorylation Sites Based on Deep Learning

Haixia Long*, Zhao Sun, Manzhi Li, HaiYan Fu and MingCai Lin

MSIT: Malonylation Sites Identification Tree

Wenzheng Bao*, De- shuang Huang and Yuehui Chen

Identification of Cancerlectins by Using Cascade Linear Discriminant Analysis and Optimal g-gap Tripeptide Composition

Liangwei Yang , Hui Gao *, Keyu Wu, Haotian Zhang , Changyu Li and Lixia Tang

Analysis of Germin-Like Protein Genes (OsGLPs) Family in Rice Using Various In Silico Approaches

Muhammad Ilyas*, Muhammad Irfan, Tariq Mahmood, Hazrat Hussain, Latif Ur Rahman and Ijaz Naeem

Research on Gastric Cancer’s Drug-Resistant Gene Regulatory Network Model

Zhi Li, Tianyue Zhang, Haojie Lei, Liyan Wei, Yuanning Liu, Yadi Shi, Shuyi Li, Bowen Shen, Hao Guo, Zhangqian Chen, Xiaorong Yi and Hao Zhang*

Computational Approaches for Transcriptome Assembly Based on Sequencing Technologies

Yuwen Luo, Xingyu Liao, Fang-Xiang Wu and Jianxin Wang*

HS-MMGKG: A Fast Multi-Objective Harmony Search Algorithm for Two-Locus Model Detection in GWAS

Liyan Sun, Guixia Liu*, Lingtao Su and Rongquan Wang

Natural Scene Nutrition Information Acquisition and Analysis Based on Deep Learning

Tianyue Zhang, Xu Wei, Zhi Li, Fangzhe Shi, Zhiqiang Xia, Mengru Lian, Ling Chen and Hao Zhang*

Estimating Bifurcating Consensus Phylogenetic Trees Using Evolutionary Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Vageehe Nikkhah, Seyed Morteza Babamir* and Seyed Shayar Arab

VirDB: Crowdsourced Database for Evaluation of Dynamical Viral Infection Models

Szymon Wasik*, Marcin Jaroszewski, Mateusz Nowaczyk, Natalia Szostak, Tomasz Prejzendanc and Jacek Blazewicz

Predicting Drug Side Effects with Compact Integration of Heterogeneous Networks

Xian Zhao, Lei Chen*, Zi-Han Guo and Tao Liu

Predicting Drug-target Interactions via FM-DNN Learning

Jihong Wang, Hao Wang, Xiaodan Wang and Huiyou Chang*

HSEAT: A Tool for Plant Heat Shock Element Analysis, Motif Identification and Analysis

Sarah Rizwan Qazi, Noor ul Haq, Shakeel Ahmad and Samina N Shakeel*

The “Gene Cube”: A Novel Approach to Three-Dimensional Clustering of Gene Expression Data

George I. Lambrou*, Maria Sdraka and Dimitrios Koutsouris

Elastic Net Regularized Softmax Regression Methods for Multi-subtype Classification in Cancer

Lin Zhang*, Yanling He, Haiting Song, Xuesong Wang, Nannan Lu, Lei Sun and Hui Liu

Sequence-Based Structural B-cell Epitope Prediction by Using Two Layer SVM Model and Association Rule Features

Jehn-Hwa Kuo, Chi-Chang Chang*, Chi-Wei Chen, Heng-Hao Liang, Chih-Yen Chang and Yen-Wei Chu*