Current Bioinformatics


Quan Zou
School of Computer Science and Technology
Tianjin University


Articles Ahead of Print

Improving Self-interacting Proteins Prediction Accuracy Using Protein Evolutionary Information and Weighed-Extreme Learning Machine

Ji-Yong An*, Yong Zhou, Lei Zhang, Qiang Niu and Da-Fu Wang

The Influence of Memory-Aware Computation on Distributed BLAST

Majid Hajibaba, Mohsen Sharifi and Saeid Gorgin*

A Novel Adaptive PET/CT Image Fusion Algorithm

Kai-jian Xia*, Jian-qiang Wang and Jian Cai

Clustering Count-Based RNA Methylation Data Using a Nonparametric Generative Model

Lin Zhang*, Yanling He, Huaizhi Wang, Hui Liu, Yufei Huang, Xuesong Wang and Jia Meng

HCVS: Pinpointing Chromatin States Through Hierarchical Clustering and Visualization Scheme

Nighat Noureen*, Sahar Fazal, Muhammad Abdul Qadir and Muhammad Tanvir Afzal

Mining Gene Expression Profile with Missing Values: An Integration of Kernel PCA and Robust Singular Values Decomposition

Md. Saimul Islam, Md. Aminul Hoque*, Md. Sahidul Islam, Mohammad Ali, Md. Bipul Hossen, Md. Binyamin, Amir Feisal Merican, Kohei Akazawa, Nishith Kumar and Masahiro Sugimoto

A Computational Approach to Identify Novel Potential Precursor miRNAs and Their Targets from Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells

Chitra Jeyaram, Manuel Philip, Rajadurai Chinnasamy Perumal, Jubina Benny, Jayasankar MJ and Maniramakrishnan Santhana Ramasamy *

Protein Stability Determination (PSD): A Tool for Proteomics Analysis

Anindya Sundar Panja, Akash Nag, Bidyut Bandopadhyay and Smarajit Maiti*

FCompress: An Algorithm for FASTQ Sequence Data Compression

Muhammad Sardaraz* and Muhammad Tahir

Codon Usage Pattern of Metallothionein Genes in the Poplar Genome

Junkai Zhi, Jian Zhang, Jian Li, Hao Zhang and Jichen Xu*

A New Approach of Outlier-Robust Missing Value Imputation for Metabolomics Data Analysis

Nishith Kumar *, Md. Aminul Hoque , Md. Shahjaman , S M Shahinul Islam and Md. Nurul Haque Mollah

Identification of Bone Metastasis-Associated Genes of Gastric Cancer by Genome-Wide Transcriptional Profiling

Mingzhe Lin*, Xin Li, Haizhou Guo, Faxiang Ji , Linhan Ye , Xuemei Ma and Wen Cheng

Determining the Influence of Class Imbalance for the Triage of Biomedical Documents

Jorge Fdez-Glez, David Ruano-Ordás, José R. Méndez , Florentino Fdez-Riverola*, Rosalía Laza and Reyes Pavón

Nextpresso: Next Generation Sequencing Expression Analysis Pipeline

Osvaldo Graña*, M. Rubio-Camarillo, F. Fdez-Riverola, D. G. Pisano and D. Glez-Peña

Extracting Diagnostic Knowledge from MedLine Plus: A Comparison between MetaMap and cTAKES Approaches

Alejandro Rodríguez-González*, Roberto Costumero, Marcos Martinez-Romero, Mark D.Wilkinson and Ernestina Menasalvas-Ruiz

A Pipeline Architecture for Inferring and Visualizing Gene Networks from cDNA Microarray Expression Data in Crop Plants

Guillermo Calderón-Mantilla, Alvaro Gaitan-Bustamante and Luis Fernando Castillo-Ossa*

In Silico Identification of Conserved Mirnas from Physcomitrella Patens Ests and Their Target Characterization

Behzad Hajieghrari, Naser Farrokhi*, Bahram Goliaei and Kaveh Kavousi