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Articles Ahead of Print

Proteomics in Neurodegenerative Disease

Nidhi Puranik, Dhananjay Yadav*, Shiv Kumar Yadav, Vishal K Chavda and Jun-O Jin

The Advances of the Structure and Function of Indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase 1 and Its Inhibitors.

Huai-Chuan Duan, Lian-Xin Peng , Qing Luo, Yi-Chen Hu, Xin-Yu Liu, Xin Sun, Li Liang, Ya Gan, Wei Liu, Hua Wan, Hu-Bing Shi, Gang Zhao and Jian-Ping Hu*

Non-Histone Arginine Methylation by Protein Arginine Methyltransferases

Ayad A. Al-Hamashi, Krystal Diaz and Rong Huang*

Biochemical and Computational Approaches for the Large-Scale Analysis of Protein Arginine Methylation by Mass Spectrometry

Daniele Musiani, Enrico Massignani, Alessandro Cuomo, Avinash Yadav and Tiziana Bonaldi*

The Role of Glyoxalase in Glycation and Carbonyl Stress Induced Metabolic Disorders

Mohd Saeed*, Mohd Adnan Kausar, Rajeev Singh, Arif Jamal Siddiqui and Asma Akhter

Protein Histidine Methylation

Sebastian Kwiatkowski and Jakub Drozak *

Physico-chemical Changes Induced in the Serum Proteins Immunoglobulin G and Fibrinogen Mediated by Methylglyoxal

Shahnawaz Rehman, Mohammad Faisal, Abdulrahman A. Alatar and Saheem Ahmad*

Evolution of Machine Learning Algorithms in the Prediction and Design of Anticancer Peptides

Shaherin Basith Mail, Balachandran Manavalan, Tae Hwan Shin, DaeYeon Lee and Gwang Lee*

Progress in the Development of Antimicrobial Peptide Prediction Tools

Chunyan Ao , Yu Zhang , Dapeng Li , Yuming Zhao * and Quan Zou *

Oxidative Stress in Autoimmune Diseases: An Under Dealt Malice

Sheetal Ramani, Ayush Pathak, Vikram Dalal, Anamika Paul and Sagarika Biswas*

Detecting Protein-Protein Interaction Based on Protein Fragment Complementation Assay

Tianwen Wang*, Ningning Yang, Chen Liang, Hongjv Xu, Yafei An, Sha Xiao, Mengyuan Zheng, Lu Liu, Gaozhan Wang and Lei Nie

Glycation and Antioxidants: Hand in the Glove of Antiglycation and Natural Antioxidants

Afreen Khanam, Saheem Ahmad*, Arbab Husain, Shahnawaz Rehman, Alvina Farooqui and Mohd Aslam Yusuf

Self-Assembly in Peptides Containing β-and γ-amino Acids

Sudha Shankar, Junaid Ur Rahim and Rajkishor Rai*

Anti-Amyloid Aggregating Gold Nanoparticles: Can they Really be Translated from Bench to Bedside for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment?

Sibhghatulla Shaikh, Nazia Nazam, Syed Mohd Danish Rizvi, Talib Hussain, Aisha Farhana and Inho Choi*

Amino Acids Regulate Glycolipid Metabolism and Alter Intestinal Microbial Composition

Fei Xie*, Zhengqun Liu, Ming Liu, Liang Chen, Wei Ding and Hongfu Zhang

GRASP55: A Multifunctional Protein

Hongrong Wu, Tianjiao Li and Jianfeng Zhao*

Impacts of Dietary Protein from Fermented Cottonseed Meal on Lipid Metabolism and Metabolomic Profiling in the Serum of Broilers

Cunxi Nie*, Yongqiang Wang, Yanfeng Liu, Jiancheng Liu, Wenxia Ge, Xi Ma and Wenju Zhang

2’-Deoxyribose Mediated Glycation Leads to Alterations in BSA Structure Via Generation of Carbonyl Species

Zeeshan Rafi, Sultan Alouffi, Mohd Sajid Khan and Saheem Ahmad*

Review of MiRNA-Disease Association Prediction

Lei Jiang and Ji Zhu*

Comprehensive Review and Comparison of Anticancer Peptides Identification Models

Xiao Song , Yuanying Zhuang *, Yihua Lan *, Yinglai Lin and Xiaoping Min

An Overview on Predicting Protein Subchloroplast Localization by using Machine Learning Methods

Meng-Lu Liu , Wei Su , Zheng-Xing Guan , Dan Zhang , Wei Chen *, Li Liu * and Hui Ding *

Lysine Methyltransferases Signaling: Histones are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Valentina Lukinović, Alexandre G. Casanova, Gael S. Roth, Florent Chuffart and Nicolas Reynoird*

Insights into The Function and Regulation of Jumonji C Lysine Demethylases as Hypoxic Responsive Enzymes

Anand Chopra, Hemanta Adhikary, William G. Willmore* and Kyle K. Biggar*

Effects of Medium Chain Fatty Acids on Intestinal Health of Monogastric Animals

Manyi Jia*, Yucheng Zhang , Yuqi Gao and Xi Ma*

Using Yeast to Define the Regulatory Role of Protein Lysine Methylation

Yogita Jethmalani and Erin M. Green*

Role of BCL-2 Family Proteins in Apoptosis and its Regulation by Nutrients

Chen Zheng, Ting Liu, Huihui Liu and Jing Wang*

Consequences of Dicarbonyl Stress on Skeletal Muscle Proteins in Type 2 Diabetes

Khurshid Ahmad, Sibhghatulla Shaikh, Eun Ju Lee, Yong-Ho Lee and Inho Choi*

Effect of Escherichia Coli Infection on Metabolism of Dietary Protein in Intestine

Xiao-Pei Peng, Wei Ding, Jian-Min Ma, Jie Zhang, Jian Sun, Yun Cao, Li-Hui Lei, Jinshan Zhao and Yun-Fu Li*

Physiological Functions of Heat Shock Proteins

Qiang Shan, Fengtao Ma, Jingya Wei, Hongyang Li, Hui Ma and Peng Sun*

Regulation of Probiotics on Metabolism of Dietary Protein in Intestine

Xiao-Pei Peng, Cunxi Nie, Wen-Yi Guan, Li-Dong Qiao, Lin Lu and Shou-Jun Cao*