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Development and validation of an automated gas chromatography method for determination of dichloromethane in ampicillin sodium by using capillary column

Manisha Trivedi*, Elsy Raynil John, Faraat Ali*, Anuj Prakash, Robin Kumar and Gyanendra Nath Singh

Determination of loratadine and its active metabolite in plasma by LC/MS/MS: An adapted method for children

Qian Li, Hai-Yan Shi, Kai Wang, Min Kan, Yi Zheng, Guo-Xiang Hao, Xin-Mei Yang, Yi-Lei Yang, Le-Qun Su and Wei Zhao*

An easy efficient method of veterinary drug residue analysis in raw milk by RP-HPLC-UV with application to raw milk

Lekweiri Haiba Legrae, Mohamed Fadel Deida, Bah Mohamed Lemine Abdellahi, Mohamed Brahim Elkory, Jalloul Bouajila* and Ibrahima Ndiaye

Determination of Inorganic Element Concentrations in Nardostachys jatamansi DC

Qian Jin, Ying Li, Pei Qun, Haiyan Xiang, Qiaozhi Yin* and Yuan Liu*

Simultaneous Determination of Five Irdoid Glycosides and Three Flavonoid Glycosides in Hedyotis Diffusa Wild by UPLC –UV with Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction

Xuliang Huang, Youjia Wu , Xiaoying Zhang , Bing Chen, Hongbin Luo, Xinhua Lin , Peiying Shi and Hong Yao*

Enhanced Oral Bioavailability of Ibrutinib Encapsulated Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticles: Pharmacokinetic Evaluation in Rats

Abdullah Alshetaili, Mohammad Javed Ansari*, Md. Khalid Anwer, Majid Ahmad Ganaie, Muzaffar Iqbal, Saad M Alshahrani, Ahmad Alalaiwe, Badr Sulays, Sultan Alshehri and Abdullah Saleh Sultan

Characterization of an Unknown Impurity in Glucosamine Sulfate Sodium Chloride by HPLC-Q-TOF MS and NMR

Miao Zhang, Peixi Zhu, Yue Chen, Weifang Ni, Yu Li* and Liya Hong*