Current Neuropharmacology

T.E. Salt
University College London
Institute of Ophthalmology
London EC1V 9EL


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Glaucoma and Alzheimer Disease: A Single Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disease of the Brain

Mancino Raffaele, Martucci Alessio, Cesareo Massimo, Giannini Clarissa, Corasaniti Maria Tiziana , Bagetta Giacinto and Nucci Carlo*

Childhood Medulloblastoma: Current Therapies, Emerging Molecular Landscape and Newer Therapeutic Insights

Soumen Khatua*, Anne Song, Divyaswathi Citla Sridhar and Stephen C. Mack

Alzheimer: A decade of drug design. Why molecular topology can be an extra edge

Riccardo Zanni, Ramon Garcia-Domenech, Maria Galvez-Llompart and Jorge Galvez*

Computer-aided drug design applied to Parkinson targets

Hamilton M. Ishiki, Jose Maria Barbosa Filho, Marcelo S. da Silva, Marcus T. Scotti and Luciana Scotti*

Targeting cytokines for morphine tolerance: a narrative review

Dai-Qiang Liu, Ya-Qun Zhou and Feng Gao*

Oxytocin and eating disorders: a narrative review on emerging findings and perspectives

Katrin Giel*, Stephan Zipfel and Manfred Hallschmid

Autophagy after subarachnoid hemorrhage: Can cell death be good?

Wing-Mann Ho*, Onat Akyol, Haley Reis, Cesar Reis, Devin McBride, Claudius Thome and John Zhang

Rational Basis For Nutraceuticals In The Treatment Of Glaucoma

Luigi Antonio Morrone *, Laura Rombola , Annagrazia Adornetto , Tiziana Maria Corasaniti and Rossella Russo

Noninvasive cerebellar stimulation as a complement tool to pharmacotherapy

Roberta Ferrucci*, Tommaso Bocci, Francesca Cortese, Fabiana Ruggiero and Alberto Priori

Extend, pathomechanism and clinical consequences of brain volume changes in anorexia nervosa

Jochen Seitz*, Kerstin Konrad and Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann

Neural network alterations across eating disorders: a narrative review of fMRI studies

Trevor Steward, José M. Menchón, Susana Jiménez-Murcia, Carles Soriano-Mas and Fernando Fernández-Aranda*