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The Potential Role of Serum Exosomes in Preeclampsia

Xuelin Gao, Lulu Shao, Xinying Ge, Long Zhang , Dexin Chen and Rongxia He*

Nano Phytomedicine Based Delivery System for CNS Disease

Mohammed Asadullah Jahangir, Chettupalli Anand, Abdul Muheem, Sadaf Jamal Gilani*, Md. Taleuzzaman, Ameeduz Zafar, Mohammad Jaffer, Surajpal Verma and Mohammad Abul Barkat

Modulation of the Drug Resistance by Platonia insignis Mart. Extract, Ethyl Acetate Fraction and Morelloflavone/Volkensiflavone (Biflavonoids) in Staphylococcus aureus Strains Overexpressing Efflux Pump Genes

Andressa Kelly Ferreira e Silva, Antonielly Campinho dos Reis, Emanuelly Elanny Andrade Pinheiroc, Jonas Nascimento de Sousa, Felipe Araújo de Alcântara Oliveira, Arkellau Kenned Silva Moura, José de Souza Lima Neto, Antonia Maria das Graças Lopes Citó, José Pinto de Siqueira-Júnior, Glenn William Kaatz and Humberto Medeiros Barreto*

Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery by Nanocomposites

Abu Baker*, Mohd Salman Khan, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Mohd Sajid Khan

Using Reduced Amino Acid Alphabet and Biological Properties to Analyze and Predict Animal Neurotoxin Protein

Yao Yu, Shiyuan Wang, Yakun Wang, Yiyin Cao, Chunlu Yu, Yi Pan, Dongqing Su, Qianzi Lu, Yongchun Zuo and Lei Yang*

Changes of Transporters and Drug-metabolizing Enzymes in Nephrotic Syndrome

Yaqian Dong, Linna Gong, Xianyuan Lu, Mingguang Ye, Yu Lin, Shuting Xie, Jiaxing Zhang, Fenghua Zhou, Lan Tang, Wei Zou and Menghua Liu*

Secondary Metabolites in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus: A Paradigm Shift

Deependra Singh Chauhan, Paras Gupta, Faheem Hyder Pottoo* and Mohd Amir

Evaluation of the Effects of Maytenus ilicifolia on the Activities of Cytochrome P450 3A and P-Glycoprotein

Sara Batista do Nascimento, Mariana de Lima Nascimento, Laís Lobato de Araújo, Flávio Martins de Oliveira, Maria do Carmo Vieira, Joaquim Maurício Duarte-Almeida, João Máximo Siqueira, Isabela da Costa César, Hartmut Derendorf and Whocely Victor de Castro*

Exosome-based Tumor Therapy: Opportunities and Challenges

Chunmei Li*, Xiaoming Hou, Peng Zhang, Juan Li, Xiaoguang Liu, Yuping Wang, Quanlin Guan and Yongning Zhou

Absorption, Metabolism and Excretion of Surufatinib in Rats and Humans

Ke Li, Sheng Ma, Liyan Miao, Songhua Fan, Bin Pan, Weihan Zhang, Weiguo Su, Yating Xiong, Zheming Gu, Lian Guo and Yang Sai*

Pharmacogenetic Evaluation of Metformin and Sulphonylurea Response in Mexican Mestizos with Type 2 Diabetes

Menjivar Marta, Sánchez-Pozos Katy, Jaimes-Santoyo Joel, Monroy-Escutia Jazmin, Rivera-Santiago Carolina, Granados-Silvestre María de los Ángeles and Ortiz-López María Guadalupe*

Effect of Nigella sativa and Fenugreek on the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Amlodipine in Hypertensive Rats

Mohd Aftab Alam*, Yousef A. Bin Jardan, Mohammad Raish, Abdullah M. Al-Mohizea, Abdul Ahad and Fahad I. Al-Jenoobi

Effect of Green Tea and (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate on the Pharmacokinetics of Rosuvastatin

Shenjia Huang, Qingqing Xu, Linsheng Liu, Yicong Bian, Shichao Zhang, Chenrong Huang and Liyan Miao*

Dose Optimization of Gentamicin in Critically Ill Neonates

Kannan Sridharan*, Muna Al Jufairi, Ali Mohamed Qader and Ola AM Elsegai

Polymeric Nanoparticles for Brain Drug Delivery - A Review

Subashini Raman, Syed Mahmood*, Ayah R Hilles, M Noushad Javed, Motia Azmana and Khater Ahmed Saeed Al-Japairai

Genetic Analysis of Pharmacogenomic VIP Variants of ABCB1, VDR and TPMT Genes in an Ethnically Isolated Population from the North Caucasus Living in Jordan

Laith N. AL-Eitan*, Haneen W. Al-Maqableh, Namarg N. Mohammad, Nancy M. Hakooz and Rana B. Dajani

Drug-Induced Bile Duct Injury - A Short Review

Inna Dobreva* and Petko Karagyozov

Chemical Metabolism of Xenobiotics by Gut Microbiota

Radislav Nakov* and Tsvetelina Velikova

Dietary Baicalin Zinc Supplementation Alleviates Oxidative Stress and Enhances Nutrition Absorption in Deoxynivalenol Challenged Pigs

Andong Zha*, Peng Liao, Bie Tan, Zhijuan Cui, simeng Liao, Lixin Chen and Qi Ming

JAK Inhibition as a Therapeutic Strategy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Fabio Salvatore Macaluso* and Iago Rodríguez-Lago