Current Drug Safety

Dr. Seetal Dodd
University of Melbourne
Geelong, 3220


Abstract Ahead of Print

Adverse drug reactions related to drug administration in hospitalized patients

Luca Gallelli, Antonio Siniscalchi, Santo Gratteri, Caterina Palleria, Laura Mumoli, Orietta Staltari, Aida Squillace, Francesca Maida, Emilio Russo , Santo Gratteri and Giovambattista De Sarro

Detection of poor quality artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) medicines marketed in Benin using simple and advanced analytical techniques

Achille Yemoa, Védaste Habyalimana, Jérémie K. Mbinze, Victoria Crickboom, Benjamin Muhigirwa, Agnès Ngoya, Pierre-Yves Sacré, Fernand Gbaguidi, Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq, Philippe Hubert and Roland D. Marini

Clomiphene for the treatment of male infertility: a case report of mood change

Marine Aussedat, Jennifer Jean-Louis, Orchidée Djahangirian and Marie-Sophie Brochet

Cephalosporins associated Pseudomembranous colitis in an elderly male patient - A case report

Prashant Maheshbhai Parmar, Vipul V Solanki, Manish J Barvaliya, Bhavesh Chavada and C. B. Tripathi

Implementation and Evaluation of a Technology System to Improve Safety of the Oncohematology Medication Practices

Maria Teresa Aznar Saliente, Mauricio Martínez Ramírez, Maria Amparo Talens Bolós, Paola Herraiz Robles, Nuria Bujadón Querejeta, Maria Dolores Camacho Romera, Laia Pons Martínez, Manuel Bonete Sánchez, Borja Marcos Ribes, Maria Teresa Martínez Lazcano and Francisco Martínez Granados

Sporadic Porphyria in a patient with stage II melanoma treated with interferon α

Valerie Reymann, Celine Girard, Olivier Dereure, Bernard Guillot and Aurélie Du Thanh