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Institute of Immunology and Experimental Oncology
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Articles Ahead of Print

New Researches about Combinatorial Therapeutic Regimen on Cancer Treatment

Xinjia He, Qiaqia He*, Lihua Wang and Xiaofei He

Modern Treatments for Gliomas Improve Outcome

Joshua Giambattista*, Egiroh Omene, Osama Souied and Fred H. C. Hsu

Cancer Immunotherapy: An Effective Tool in Cancer Control and Treatment

Kawalpreet Kaur and Gopal L. Khatik*

Brachial Plexopathy as a Complication of Radiotherapy: A Systematic Review

Dheyauldeen Shabeeb, Mansoor Kashavarz , Ahmed Eleojo Musa , Ehsan Mihandoost , Gholamreza Hassanzadeh , Mohammed Reza Hadian, Alireza Shirazi and Masoud Najafi *

A Comparison of Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy- Guided Celiac Plexus Neurolysis in Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

Khadeja M. Elhossieny, Waseem M. Seleem, Sherief Abd-Elsalam*, Tamer Haydara and Nashwa Mohamed El gharbawy

Development, Characterization and Anticancer Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles from Dalbergia Sissoo Leaf Extracts

Aakash Deep*, Mitali Verma, Rakesh Kumar Marwaha, Arun Kumar and Beena Kumari

Virtual Screening of Novel Hybrid Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): Exploring Multiple Targeted Cancer Therapy by an Insilico Approach

Ashish P Shah* and Chhagan N Patel

Molecular Pathways, Screening and Follow–up of Colorectal Carcinogenesis: An Overview

Amirhossein Sahebkar *, Eskandar Taghizadeh, Seyed Mohammad Gheibi Hayat, Rhonda J. Rosengren and Hamed Abdolkarimi

Demographic and Clinical Evaluation of Patients with Pancreatic Cancer in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences During 2002-2013

Mina Akbari Rad, Azar Fanipakdel, Hassan Vossoughinia, Maliheh Dadgarmoghaddam, Benyamin Esmaeili, Amir Hossein Jafarian, Masoumeh Salari* and Abdollah Firoozi

Solanum Nigrum Anticancer Effect Through Epigenetic Modulations in Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Atefeh Shirkavand, Zahra Niki Boroujeni and Seyed Ahmad Aleyasin*

The Prognostic Value of Prognostic Biomarkers in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Iranian Population

Mohammadreza Mirinezhad, Narjes Khalilipour, Reza Raoofian and Mohammad Reza Abbaszadegan*

Exploring Promises of siRNA in Cancer Therapeutics

Mahima Kaushik*, Rddhima Raghunand and Shobhit Maheshwari

Possible Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for the Management of Cervical Cancer

Sombeer Sharma*, Aakash Deep, A C Rana and Monu Yadav

Overview of Modern Surgical Management of Central Nervous System Tumors: North American Experience

Adam Wu*

Metastatic Brain Tumors - to Treat or not to Treat, and with What?

Patricia Tai*, Kurian Joseph, Avi Assouline, Osama Souied, Nelson Leong, Michelle Ferguson and Edward Yu

Role of the Hsp90-Immunophilin Heterocomplex in Cancer Biology

Sonia A. De Leo, Nadia R. Zgajnar, Cecilia M. Lotufo, Gisela I. Mazaira, Alejandra G. Erlejman and Mario D. Galigniana*

Radiotherapy for Brain Tumors: Current Practice and Future Directions

Sarah Baker, Natalie Logie, Kim Paulson, Adeleh Duimering and Albert Murtha*

Identifying the Optimal Fractionation Schedules for Improved Response Rates and Survival in Patients with Metastatic Melanoma Treated with Ipilimumab and Radiotherapy

Jason Liu, Cong Xu, Junjia Zhu, Jeffrey Sivik, Joseph Drabick and Heath Mackley*