Current Cancer Drug Targets


Ruiwen Zhang
Center for Drug Discovery
University of Houston
3455 Cullen Blvd.
Houston, TX 77204


Abstract Ahead of Print

Linc01638 promotes tumorigenesis in HER2+ breast cancer

Peng Liu, Hailin Tang, Jiali Wu, Xingsheng Qiu, Yanan Kong, Lijuan Zhang, Xinhua Xie* and Xiangsheng Xiao*

Focal Adhesion Kinase in Ovarian Cancer: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Platinum and Taxane-Resistant Tumors

Arkene Levy, Khalid Alhazzani, Priya Dondapati, Ali Alaseem, Khadijah Cheema, Keerthi Thallapureddy, Paramajot Kaur, Saad Alobid and Appu Rathinavelu*

A Comprehensive review on Ethnomedicinal, Pharmacological and Phytochemical Basis of Anticancer Medicinal Plants of Pakistan

Muhammad Furqan Akhtar*, Ammara Saleem, Alamgeer Yuchi and Mohammad Saleem

Polyploid Giant Cancer Cells (PGCCs): The Evil Roots of Cancer

Junsong Chen, Na Niu, Jing Zhang, Lisha Qi , Weiwei Shen , Krishna Vanaja Donkena, Zhenqing Feng and Jinsong Liu *

Formulation, pharmacokinetic evaluation and cytotoxicity of an enhanced-penetration paclitaxel nanosuspension

Yanping Cao, Zhihao Wei, Mengmeng Li, Haiyan Wang, Li Yin, Dongxiao Chen, Yanfei Wang, Yongchao Chen, Qi Yuan, Xiaohui Pu*, Lanlan Zong* and Shaofeng Duan*

Challenges and opportunities from basic cancer biology for nanomedicine for targeted drug delivery

Xiaodong Xie, Yingying Zhang, Fengqiao Li, Tingting Lv, Ziying Li, Haijun Chen, Lee Jia* and Yu Gao*

Interactions of vascular endothelial growth factor and p53 with miR-195 in thyroid carcinoma: possible therapeutic targets in aggressive thyroid cancers

Hamidreza Maroof , Soussan Irani , Armin Ariana, Jelena Vider, Vinod Gopalan and Alfred King-yin Lam *

Targeting Glycosylation Aberrations To Improve The Efficiency Of Cancer Phototherapy

Guillaume Poiroux, Annick Barre, Pierre Rouge and Herve Benoist*