Current Computer-Aided Drug Design


Subhash C. Basak
University of Minnesota Duluth
Duluth, MN


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Abstract Ahead of Print

Development of 'S', 'N’ Heterocycles as Antimycobacterials Targeting Fatty Acid Biosynthesis

L. K. Dahiwade*, S. R. Rochlani, P. B. Choudhari, R. P. Dhavale and H. N. Moreira

Multi-targeted design and development of dihydroisoquinolines as potent antimalarial

Raviraj V. Mule*, Sneha P. Rochlani, Prafulla B. Choudhari, Rakesh P Dhavale and Manish S. Bhatia

Interactions of Flavone and Steroid from A. subintegra as Potential Inhibitors for Porcine Pancreatic Lipase

Mastura Ibrahim, Saripah Salbiah Syed Abdul Azziz*, Chee Fah Wong, Yuhanis Mhd Bakri and Fauziah Abdullah

Proposition of Potential GSK-3β Inhibitors for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease: a Molecular Modeling Study

Leandro L. Castro, Leide C. S. Picanço, Jaderson V. Silva, Lucilene R. Souza, Kessia P. A. Sousa, Abraão A. Pinheiro, Gisele A. Chaves, Hueldem R. C. Teixeira, Guilherme M. Silva, Carlton A. Taft, Carlos Henrique Tomich de Paula da Silva and Lorane Izabel da Silva Hage-Melim*

Dapsone is not a Pharmacodynamic Lead Compound for its Aryl Derivatives

Thomas Scior*, Hassan H. Abdallah, Kenia Salvador- Atonal and Stefan Laufer

Quantitative Structure – Activity Relationship Study for HIV-1 LEDGF/p75 inhibitors

Yang Li, Yujia Tian, Yao Xi, Zijian Qin and Aixia Yan*