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Open Access Articles

Tagging Fatty Acids Via Choline Coupling for the Detection of Carboxylic Acid Metabolites in Biological Samples open Access plus

Volume: 15   Issue: 6
Pp: 642-647
Murad N. Abualhasan* and David G. Watson

Comparison of Different Extraction Methods for the Phenolic Compounds Recovery with the Antioxidant Activity of Bougainvillea x buttiana open Access plus

Volume: 15  
Pp: 1-9
Rodolfo Abarca-Vargas and Vera L. Petricevich*

Simultaneous Quantification of Citalopram and its Main Metabolite, Desmethylcitalopram, in Human Saliva by UHPLC open Access plus

Volume: 14   Issue: 6
Pp: 554-561
Ewelina Dziurkowska and Marek Wesolowski*

A Multivariate Control Chart Approach for Calibration Transfer between NIR Spectrometers for Simultaneous Determination of Rifampicin and Isoniazid in Pharmaceutical Formulation open Access plus

Volume: 14   Issue: 5
Pp: 488-494
Eduardo Wagner Vasconcelos de Andrade, Camilo de Lelis Medeiros de Morais, Fernanda Saadna Lopes da Costa and Kassio Michell Gomes de Lima*

Optimization and Validation of a Microscale In vitro Method to Assess α-Glucosidase Inhibition Activity open Access plus

Volume: 14   Issue: 5
Pp: 458-464
Graciela Granados-Guzmán, Rocio Castro-Rios, Noemi Waksman de Torres and Ricardo Salazar-Aranda*

Extraction Methods for Obtaining Natural Blue Colorants open Access plus

Volume: 14  
Pp: 1-28
Juliana M. Prado*, Priscilla C. Veggi, Grazielle Náthia-Neves and M. Angela A. Meireles

Optimization and Validation of Two High-Throughput Methods Indicating Antiradical Activity open Access plus

Volume: 13   Issue: 6
Pp: 499-507
Graciela Granados-Guzman, Ricardo Salazar-Aranda*, Marsela Garza-Tapia, Rocio Castro-Rios and Noemi Waksman de Torres

Development of Doxorubicin Quantification by Reductive Amination open Access plus

Volume: 13   Issue: 4
Pp: 270-276
Yi-Reng Lin, Chia-En Wu, Mei-Fang Huang, You-Ying Wu, Jing-Heng Huang, Meng-Chieh Liu, Ziyu Chen, Yow-Ling Shiue and Shih-Shin Liang*

Characterization Study of Tomato Sauces Stored in Different Packaging Materials open Access plus

Volume: 13   Issue: 3
Pp: 187-201
Emilio Marengo*, Eleonora Mazzucco, Elisa Robotti, Fabio Gosetti, Marcello Manfredi and Giorgio Calabrese

SPR System for On-Site Detection of Biological Warfare open Access plus

Volume: 13   Issue: 2
Pp: 144-149
Maciej Trzaskowski and Tomasz Ciach

Enantiomeric Profiling of Chiral Pharmacologically Active Compounds in the Environment with the Usage of Chiral Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry open Access plus

Volume: 12   Issue: 4
Pp: 303-314
Dolores Camacho-Munoz, Bruce Petrie, Erika Castrignanò and Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern

The Occurrence of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: A Review open Access plus

Volume: 12   Issue: 3
Pp: 169-182
Fabio Kaczala and Shlomo E. Blum

Adsorption and Characterization of an Organic Corrosion Inhibitor for Inhibiting Carbon Steel Corrosion in Chloride Solution open Access plus

Volume: 12   Issue: 2
Pp: 141-146
Yu Lei, Liu Zhiyong, Yang Weibin and Wang Zixiao

A Derivative Method with Free Radical Oxidation to Predict Resveratrol Metabolites by Tandem Mass Spectrometry open Access plus

Volume: 11   Issue: 4
Pp: 300-306
Wangta Liu, Yow-Ling Shiue, Yi-Reng Lin, Hugo You-Hsien Lin and Shih-Shin Liang

Real Time Detection of Aroma Compounds in Meat and Meat Products by SIFT-MS and Comparison to Conventional Techniques (SPME-GC-MS) open Access plus

Volume: 9   Issue: 4
Pp: 622-630
Monica Flores, Alicia Olivares, Kseniya Dryahina and Patrik Spanel

Advances in On-line Absolute Trace Gas Analysis by SIFT-MS open Access plus

Volume: 9   Issue: 4
Pp: 525-539
Patrik Spanel and David Smith

Nitrobenzene as a Buffer Gas Modifier in Ion Mobility Spectrometry: Better Separations and Cleaner Spectra open Access plus

Volume: 9   Issue: 3
Pp: 485-494
Roberto Fernandez-Maestre, Ching Wu and Herbert H. Hill

Exhaled Breath Biomonitoring Using Laser Spectroscopy open Access plus

Volume: 9   Issue: 3
Pp: 463-475
Olavi Vaittinen, Florian Manfred Schmidt, Markus Metsala and Lauri Halonen

Speciation Study of Trialkyl- and Triphenyl- Tin by Liquid Chromatography Using Ion Trap TOF Tandem MS and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization open Access plus

Volume: 9   Issue: 2
Pp: 279-287
N. M. Tzollas, G. A. Zachariadis and E. Rosenberg

Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry of Intrinsically Unfolded Proteins: Trying to Put Order into Disorder open Access plus

Volume: 9   Issue: 2
Pp: 181-191
T. W. Knapman, N. M. Valette, S. L. Warriner and A. E. Ashcroft

Conformations and Assembly of Amyloid Oligomers by Electrospray Ionisation - Ion Mobility Spectrometry - Mass Spectrometry open Access plus

Volume: 9   Issue: 2
Pp: 165-180
Eva Illes-Toth and David P. Smith

Nanoparticle-Based Technologies for the Detection of Food Antioxidants open Access plus

Volume: 8   Issue: 4
Pp: 495-505
Alina Vasilescu, Erica Sharpe and Silvana Andreescu

Electrochemical Biosensors for the Determination of the Antioxidant Capacity in Foods and Beverages Based on Reactive Oxygen Species open Access plus

Volume: 8   Issue: 4
Pp: 428-435
Carole Calas-Blanchard, Montserrat Cortina-Puig, Lise Barthelmebs and Thierry Noguer

Analytical Methods for Lipases Activity Determination: A Review open Access plus

Volume: 8   Issue: 3
Pp: 400-407
M. Stoytcheva, G. Montero, R. Zlatev, Jose A. Leon and V. Gochev

Metal/Metal Oxide Micro/Nanostructured Modified GCPE For GSH Detection open Access plus

Volume: 8   Issue: 3
Pp: 351-357
M. CubukCu, F. Nil Ertas and U. Anik

Multivariate Additive PLS Spline Boosting in Agro-Chemistry Studies open Access plus

Volume: 8   Issue: 2
Pp: 236-253
Rosaria Lombardo, Jean-Francois Durand and Antonio P. Leone

Combination Rules for Multiple Imputation in Three-Way Analysis Illustrated with Chromatography Data open Access plus

Volume: 8   Issue: 2
Pp: 224-235
Pieter M. Kroonenberg and Joost R. van Ginkel