Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

(Formerly Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Cancer Agents)

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Michelle Prudhomme
Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand
Université Clermont Auvergne


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Abstract Ahead of Print

Proteomic Level Changes on Treatment in MCF-7/DDP Breast Cancer Drug-Resistant Cells

Gongshen Jin*, Kangwei Wang, Yonghong Liu, Xianhu Liu, Xiaojing Zhang and Hao Zhang

Synthesis of Dihydrazones as Potential Anticancer and DNA Binding Candidates: A Validation by Molecular Docking Studies

Malavalli B. Sridhara, Kodagahalli P. Rakesh, Honnayakanahalli M. Manukumar, Chavalmane S. Shantharam, H.K. Vivek, H.K. Kumara, Yasser H.E. Mohammed and D. Channe Gowda*

Current Treatment for Cervical Cancer: An Update

Sombeer Sharma, Aakash Deep* and Arun K. Sharma*

Synthesis and Evaluation of 198Au/PAMAM-MPEG-FA against Cancer Cells

Reza Rezaei, Simin J. Darzi* and Mahnaz Yazdani

CDK1 in Breast Cancer: Implications for Theranostic Potential

Sepideh Izadi, Afshin Nikkhoo, Mohammad Hojjat-Farsangi, Afshin Namdar, Gholamreza Azizi, Hamed Mohammadi, Mehdi Yousefi and Farhad Jadidi-Niaragh*

Metalloproteinases Suppression Driven by the Curcumin Analog DM-1 Modulates Invasion in BRAF-Resistant Melanomas

Nayane de Souza*, Érica Aparecida de Oliveira*, Fernanda Faião-Flores, Luciana A. Pimenta, José A.P. Quincoces, Sandra C. Sampaio and Silvya S. Maria-Engler

The Effect of p53-R249S on the Suppression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells Survival Induced by Podophyllum Derivatives

Huan Chen , Mingyang Zhang , Ziping Wang, Lingqi Li , Qiqi Li and Huai Wang*

Ruxolitinib Regulates the Autophagy Machinery in Multiple Myeloma Cells

Alican Kusoglu*, Bakiye G. Bagca*, Neslihan P. Ozates Ay, Guray Saydam and Cigir B. Avci

Anti-Proliferative Role of the Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors TKI-258 on Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Vitro

Isadora C. Silveira, Anna Cecília D.M. Carneiro, Lorraine S. Hiss and Virgínia O. Crema*

Molecular Identification of Phytochemical for Anticancer Treatment

Kanchana Usuwanthim*, Prapakorn Wisitpongpun and Thitiya Luetragoon

Alkylamino Phenol Derivative Induces Apoptosis by Inhibiting EGFR Signaling Pathway in Breast Cancer Cells

Suresh Palanivel, Olli Yli-Harja and Meenakshisundaram Kandhavelu*

Apoptotic Effects of Melittin on 4T1 Breast Cancer Cell Line is Associated with Up Regulation of Mfn1 and Drp1 mRNA Expression

Farnaz D. Moghaddam, Pejman Mortazavi*, Somayeh Hamedi, Mohammad Nabiuni and Nasim H. Roodbari

Evaluation of the Diagnostic Properties of Serum hsa-miR-223-5p in Detection of Gastric Cancer: A Case-Control Study

Amir H. Aalami, Vahid Pouresmaeil, Amir Amirabadi, Fatemeh H. Mojahed, Mahdi Q. Rad and Amirhossein Sahebkar*

Pisosterol Induces G2/M Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis via the ATM/ATR Signaling Pathway in Human Glioma Cells

Wallax A.S. Ferreira, Rommel R. Burbano, Claudia do Ó Pessoa, Maria L. Harada, Bárbara do Nascimento Borges and Edivaldo H. Correa de Oliveira*

Therapeutic Effects of Curcumin against Bladder Cancer: A Review of Possible Molecular Pathways

Milad Ashrafizadeh, Habib Yaribeygi* and Amirhossein Sahebkar*

Insights into Nano-Photo-Thermal Therapy of Cancer: The Kinetics of Cell Death and Effect on Cell Cycle

Mousa Tabei, Elham Zeinizade, Jaber Beik, S. Kamran Kamrava, Zahra Nasiri, Habib Ghaznavi* and Ali Shakeri-Zadeh*

Ultrasound Assisted Synthesis of 2-Substituted Benzofurans via One-Pot and Sequential Method: Their In Vitro Evaluation

Bodapati V.D. Rao, Suryadevara V. Vardhini, Deepti Kolli, Mandava V.B. Rao* and Manojit Pal*

Radioiodinated Ginger Compounds (6-gingerol and 6-shogaol) and Incorporation Assays on Breast Cancer Cells

Kadriye B. Karatay , Ayfer Y. Kılçar*, Emine Derviş and Fazilet Z.B. Müftüler

The Effect of Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy on Testosterone Level: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Keywan Mortezaee, Elham Motallebzadeh, Alireza Milajerdi, Bagher Farhood*, Masoud Najafi* and Amirhossein Sahebkar*

Utilization of Lipid-Based Nanoparticles to Improve the Therapeutic Benefits of Bortezomib

Mitra Korani, Shahla Korani, Elham Zendehdel, Mahmoud R. Jaafari, Thozhukat Sathyapalan and Amirhossein Sahebkar*

Flavonolignans: One Step Further in the Broad-Spectrum Approach of Cancer

Diana S. Antal, Florina Ardelean, Stefana Avram, Ioana Z. Pavel, Corina Danciu*, Codruta Soica and Cristina Dehelean

Betulinic Acid and Brosimine B Hybrid Derivatives as Potential Agents against Female Cancers

Nádia M. Garcês de Couto, Júlia B. Willig, Thaís C. Ruaro, Diogo Losch de Oliveira, Andréia Buffon, Diogo A. Pilger, Mara S.P. Arruda, Diogo Miron, Aline R. Zimmer and Simone C.B. Gnoatto*

Synthesis and Applications of Hydrogels in Cancer Therapy

Anchal Singhal*, Niharika Sinha, Pratibha Kumari and Manoushikha Purkayastha

Cytotoxic Sesquiterpenes from Sonchus oleraceus

Hongying Zhang, Yiding Wang, Shaojiu Wang, Qian Wang, Tianjing Wang, Jie Zhu* and Bing Liu

BUB1B Promotes Proliferation of Prostate Cancer via Transcriptional Regulation of MELK

Juan-Hua Tian, Li-Jun Mu, Mei-Yu Wang, Jin Zeng, Qing-Zhi Long, Bin Guan, Wen Wang, Yu-Mei Jiang, Xiao-jiNg Bai and Yue-Feng Du*