Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

(Formerly Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Cancer Agents)

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Michelle Prudhomme
Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand
Université Clermont Auvergne


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Abstract Ahead of Print

Recent Advances in Characterizing Natural Products that Regulate Autophagy

Qian Zhao, Cheng Peng, Chuan Zheng, Xiang -Hong He, Wei Huang* and Bo Han*

Anticancer Potential of Dietary Natural Products: A Comprehensive Review

Rumana Ahmad*, Mohsin A. Khan, A.N. Srivastava, Anamika Gupta, Aditi Srivastava, Tanvir R. Jafri, Zainab Siddiqui, Sunaina Chaubey, Tahmeena Khan and Arvind K. Srivastava

Evaluation of Tissue and Serum Expression Levels of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes in Patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Nooshin Mohtasham, Hossein Ayatollahi, Nasrollah Saghravanian, Reza Zare, Mohammad-Taghi Shakeri, Amirhossein Sahebkar* and Farnaz Mohajertehran*

Synthesis, Anticancer and Antibacterial Activity of Betulinic and Betulonic Acid C-28-Triphenylphosphonium Conjugates with Variable Alkyl Linker Length

Olga V. Tsepaeva, Andrey V. Nemtarev*, Leysan R. Grigor`eva, Taliya I. Salikhova, Svetlana A. Khozyainova, Timur I. Abdullin and Vladimir F. Mironov

CRISPR/Cas9 System and its Research Progress in Gene Therapy

Wenlou Liu*, Chunsheng Yang*, Yanqun Liu and Guan Jiang

Sera/Organ Lysates of Selected Animals Living in Polluted Environments Exhibit Cytotoxicity against Cancer Cell Lines

Shareni Jeyamogan, Naveed A. Khan, Sagathevan K.* and Ruqaiyyah Siddiqui

In Vitro Antitumor Evaluation of Some Hybrid Molecules Containing Coumarin and Quinolinone Moieties

Youstina W. Rizzk*, Ibrahim M. El-Deen, Faten Z. Mohammed, Moustafa S. Abdelhamid and Amgad I.M. Khedr

Effects of Somatostatin and Vitamin C on the Fatty Acid Profile of Breast Cancer Cell Membranes

Aysegul Hanikoglu, Ertan Kucuksayan, Ferhat Hanikoglu, Tomris Ozben*, Georgia Menounou, Anna Sansone, Chrys Chatgilialoglu, Giuseppe Di Bella and Carla Ferreri

Synergistic Effect of Α-Solanine and Cisplatin Induces Apoptosis and Enhances Cell Cycle Arrest in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells

Sherien M. El-Daly*, Shaimaa A. Gouhar, Amira M. Gamal-Eldeen, Fatma F. Abdel Hamid, Magdi N. Ashour and Nahla S. Hassan

Synthesis, In Vitro Evaluation, Molecular Docking and DFT Studies of Some Phenyl Isothiocyanates as Anticancer Agents

Kikoleho Richa, Rituparna Karmaker, Naruti Longkumer, Vishal Das, Pulak J. Bhuyan, Mintu Pal* and Upasana B. Sinha*

Signal Pathways and Therapeutic Prospects of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

Feifei Sun, Xiaosheng Fang* and Xin Wang*

Cyclodextrin-Based Nanosystems as Drug Carriers for Cancer Therapy

Ponnurengam Malliappan Sivakumar, Shohreh Peimanfard, Ali Zarrabi*, Arezoo Khosravi and Matin Islami

Synthesis of Substituted Cinnamido Linked Quinazolinone Congeners as Potential Anticancer Agents via Mitochondrial Dependent Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathway

Kesari Lakshmi Manasa, Mohd Aslam Saifi, Yellaiah Tangella, Chandraiah Godugu and Mallika Alvala*

STAT5 and STAT5 Inhibitors in Hematological Malignancies

Manlio Tolomeo*, Maria Meli and Stefania Grimaudo

Cancer Nanotheranostics: A Nanomedicinal Approach for Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis

Paromita Kundu, Deepika Singh, Abhalaxmi Singh and Sanjeeb K Sahoo*