DTIP: A Comparative Analytical Framework for Chemogenomic Drugtarget Interactions Prediction

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Author(s): Faraneh Haddadi, Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour*.

Journal Name: Current Computer-Aided Drug Design

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Background: Prediction of drug-target interactions is an essential step in drug discovery. Given a drug-target interactions network, the objective of this task is to predict probable missing edges from known interactions. Computationally predicting drug-target interactions is an appropriate alternative for the time-consuming and the costly experimental process of drug-target interaction prediction. A large number of computational methods for solving this problem have been proposed in recent years.

Objective: In recent years, several review articles have been published in the field of drug-target interactions prediction. Compared to other review articles, this paper includes a qualitative analysis in the form of a framework, drug-target interactions prediction (DTIP) framework.

Method: The framework consists of three sections. Initially, a classification has been presented for drug-target interactions prediction methods based on the link prediction approaches used in these approaches. Secondly, general evaluation criteria have been introduced for analyzing approaches. Finally, a qualitative comparison is made between each approach in terms of their advantages and disadvantages.

Results: By providing a new classification of the drug-target interactions prediction approaches and comparing them with the proposed evaluation criteria, this framework provides a convenient and efficient way to select and compare the methods. Also, using the framework, we can improve these techniques further.

Conclusion: This paper provides a study to select, compare, and improve chemogenomic drug-target interactions prediction methods. To this aim, an analytical framework is presented.

Keywords: Chemogenomic, Drug-target interactions prediction, Drug-target interactions network, Machine learning, Link prediction, Comparative analytical framework, Drug discovery

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DOI: 10.2174/1573409916666191218124520
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