Effect of Autonomic Responses after Isometric Training at Different Intensities on Obese People

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Author(s): Alexis Espinoza-Salinas*, José González-Jurado, Giovanny Arenas-Sanchez, Soledad Fuentealba-Sepúlveda, Isaias Cabezas-Gaete, Marcelo Bobadilla- Olivares, Arnaldo Burdiles-Alvarez.

Journal Name: Current Hypertension Reviews

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Background: Arterial hypertension is among the leading causes of mortality worldwide. The primary non-pharmacological management of arterial hypertension is isometric grip training, which has shown better results than pharmacological methods; however, it has not been thoroughly studied in large muscle groups.

Objective: This study compared the pressor response of isometric exercise training at different intensities, in large versus small muscle groups, in sedentary eutrophic and overweight people aged 20-29 years.

Methods: A sample of 93 people (57 people with excess weight and 36 people of normal weight) participated in isometric training for 5 days, subdivided into leg press versus Handgrip strength, with different intensities for each subgroup (30 and 50%, 1 RM). Before and after the 5 training days, heart rate variability (HRV) and systolic and diastolic blood pressure, BSBP-BDBP and PSBP-PDBP, were measured to evaluate the state of sympathetic activation at rest and pressor response.

Results: Changes with significant differences (p <0.05) in terms of pre-post training measurements in the eutrophic group were the BSBP-PSBP variables at 30% and 50% 1 RM for manual isometric grip strength. In the excess weight group, the only significant change was the PSBP variable in Handgrip strength at 30% 1 RM. It should be noted that in all cases, blood pressure values tended to reduce.

Conclusion: Isometric strength exercises in large and small muscle groups show a tendency to reduce blood pressure values; however, the isometric Handgrip force at 30% 1 RM shows statistically significant reductions in blood pressure values.

Keywords: Blood pressure, arterial hypertension, isometric training, obesity, autonomic response, handgrip training

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DOI: 10.2174/1573402115666191112123722

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