Physical Fitness and Long-Term Blood Pressure Variability in Young Male Military Personnel

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Author(s): Gen-Min Lin*, Kun-Zhe Tsai, Chin-Sheng Lin, Chih-Lu Han.

Journal Name: Current Hypertension Reviews

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Aim: To investigate the association of physical fitness with long-term blood pressure variability (BPV) in young male adults.

Methods: We included 1,112 healthy military males, ages 18-40 years (mean age, 32 years) in Taiwan for the current analysis. Resting blood pressures were measured over right upper arm in a sitting position every two-year interval from 2012 to 2018 (2012-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-18). We assessed long-term BPV by standard deviation (SDSBP and SDDBP) and average real variability (ARVSBP and ARVDBP) across 4 visits during the study period. Aerobic fitness was evaluated by time for a 3000-meter run test, and anaerobic fitness was evaluated by numbers of 2-minute sit-ups and 2-minute push-ups, respectively.

Results:After adjusting for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, time for a 3000-meter run was associated with ARVSBP, SDSBP, and SDDBP (β [SE]: 0.007 [0.002], 0.004 [0.002], and 0.005 [0.002], respectively, all p <0.05) but not with ARVDBP. In addition, numbers of 2-minute sit-ups were inversely associated with ARVSBP (β [SE]: -0.041 [0.017], p =0.01) but not with ARVDBP, SDSBP, and SDDBP. There was no association of numbers of 2-minute push-ups with the BPV indexes. After additionally adjusting for age, body mass index, and other covariates, all the associations were not significant.

Conclusion: We found that there was no association of physical fitness with long-term BPV in young male military personnel. Previous studies have shown no association with cardiorespiratory fitness in the elderly. This study further extended the knowledge of a null association between anaerobic fitness and long-term BPV.

Keywords: Microhemorrhage, murine surrogate, ponezumab (PF-04360365), safety, Tg2576 mice, Aβ, CAA., Blood pressure variability, Physical fitness, Young male adults

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DOI: 10.2174/1573402115666191023111351

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