The Role of Biofilm in Central Venous Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections: Evidence-based Nursing and Review of the Literature

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Author(s): Nicola Ielapi, Emanuela Nicoletti, Carmela Lorè, Giorgio Guasticchi, Tiziana Avenoso, Andrea Barbetta, Stefano de Franciscis, Michele Andreucci, Paolo Sapienza, Raffaele Serra.

Journal Name: Reviews on Recent Clinical Trials

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Background: Biofilm is a fundamental component in the pathogenesis of infections related to the use of the central venous catheter (CVC,) which can represent an important health issue in every day practice of nursing and medical staff.

Objective: The objective of the following review is to analyze the components of biofilm and thier role in catheter-related infection determinism in an evidence-based nursing perspective in such a way as to give health professionals useful suggestions in the prevention and management of these complications.

Methods: The following databases were consulted for the bibliographic search: Medline, Scopus, Science Direct.

Biofilm can be the cause of CVC extraction and can lead to serious haematogenic infectious complications that can increase the morbidity and mortality of affected patients.

Results: Updated pathophysiologic knowledge of biofilm formation and appropriate diagnostic methodology are pivotal in understanding and detecting CVC-related infections.

Lock therapy appears to be a useful, preventive and therapeutic aid in the management of CVC-related infections. New therapies attempting to stop bacterial adhesion on the materials used could represent new frontiers for the prevention of CVC-related infections.

Conclusion: The correct evidence-based nursing methods, based on the use of Guidelines, provides the opportunity to minimize the risks of infection through the implementation of a series of preventive measures both during the CVC positioning phase and in the subsequent phase, meaningly during device management which is performed by medical and nursing staff.

Keywords: Biofilm, Infection, Central Venous Catheter, Treatment, Prevention, Nursing

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