Needle-Disk Electrospinning: Mechanism Elucidation, Parameter Optimization and Productivity Improvement

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Author(s): Zhi Liu, Lei Zhou*, Fangtao Ruan, Anfang Wei, Quan Feng, Jianghui Zhao*.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Nanotechnology

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Background: Nanofiber productivity plagues nanofibrous membranes’ applications in many areas. Herein, we present th needle-disk electrospinning to improve throughput. In this method, multiple high-curvature mentals are used as the spinning electrode.

Methods: Three aspects were investigated: 1) mechanism elucidation of the the needle-disk electrospinning; 2) parameter optimization of the needle-disk electrospinning; 3) productivity improvement of the needle-disk electrospinning.

Results: Results show that high-curvature electrode evokes high electric field intensity, making lower voltage supply in spinning process. The needle number, needle length and needle curvature synergistically affect the spinning process and nanofiber morphology. Additionally, higher disk rotation velocity and higher voltage supply can also result in higher nanofiber productivity.

Conclusion: The needle-disk electrospinning is featured with the merits of high throughput, low voltage supply, controllable spinning process and nanofiber morphology, benefiting to the nanofiber practical industrial employment and further applications of nanofiber-based materials.

Keywords: throughput, high-curvature, nanofiber, needle-disk, ultrafiltration, electrospinning, elucidation, elucidation, nanofiber, spinning

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DOI: 10.2174/1872210513666191018102605
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