A Large Size Image Classification Method Based on Semi-Supervised Learning

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Author(s): Dan Luo*, Xili Wang.

Journal Name: Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Formerly Recent Patents on Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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Background: Semi-supervised learning in the machine learning community has received widespread attention. Semi-supervised learning can use a small number of tagged samples and a large number of untagged samples for efficient learning.

Method: In 2014, Kim proposed a new semi-supervised learning method: the minimax label propagation (MMLP) method. This method reduces time complexity to O (n), with a smaller computation cost and stronger classification ability than traditional methods. However, classification results are not accurate in large-scale image classifications. Thus, in this paper, we propose a semisupervised image classification method, which is an MMLP-based algorithm. The main idea is threefold: (1) Improving connectivity of image pixels by pixel sampling to reduce the image size, at the same time, reduce the diversity of image characteristics; (2) Using a recall feature to improve the MMLP algorithm; (3) through classification mapping, gaining the classification of the original data from the classification of the data reduction.

Result: In the end, our algorithm also gains a minimax path from untagged samples to tagged samples. The experimental results proved that this algorithm is applicable to semi-supervised learning on small-size and that it can also gain better classification results for large-size image at the same time.

Conclusion: In our paper, considering the connectivity of the neighboring matrix and the diversity of the characteristics, we used meanshift clustering algorithm,next we will use fuzzy energy clustering[ ] on our algorithm. we will study the function of these paths.

Keywords: graph-based semi-supervised learning, MMLP algorithm, data reduction, recall feature, classification mapping

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