A Systematic Review on Organophosphate Pesticide and Type II Diabetes Mellitus

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Author(s): Jothi Lakshmi*, Krishnandu Mukhopadhay, Padmavathi Ramaswamy, Shriram Mahadevan.

Journal Name: Current Diabetes Reviews

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Organophosphate (OP) pesticides are extremely poisonous, and affect the glucose breakdown in numerous means and mechanism. There exist higher evidence of stimulating diabetes mellitus through OP pesticides especially type II diabetes. The upsurge in the level of glucose (hyperglycemia), and insulin resistance along with their related outcomes was established in this review. The data related to investigational and clinical techniques indorse a connection amid such molecular mechanism and compounds of OPs. Numerous studies were conducted till March 2018 have reported OP’ exposures and diabetes-related outcomes. The acute and chronic exposure in case of these insecticides and diabetes-related outcomes are defined in this study. Initially, it was declared that OPs prompt to hyperglycemia. Then, a high association of glucose in blood beside insulin was found out. The affirmation from some clinical as well as investigational studies supported a connection amid exposure to OP and diabetes yet in maximum number of instances, occurs as non-specific diabetes.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus; Glucose metabolism; Organophosphates; Pesticides; Type-II Diabetes Mellitus.

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