Two-Terminal Reliability Analysis for Time-Evolving and Predictable Delay-Tolerant Networks

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Author(s): Gaurav Khanna*, S. K. Chaturvedi, Sieteng Soh.

Journal Name: Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Formerly Recent Patents on Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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Background: Several techniques are available to evaluate the two-terminal reliability (2TR) of static networks; however, advent of dynamic networks in recent past, e.g., Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs), have made this task extremely challenging due to their peculiar characteristics with an associated disruptive operational environment. Recently, a Cartesian product based method has been proposed to enumerate time-stamped-minimal path sets (TS-MPS)-a precursor to compute the 2TR of such networks. However, it cannot be used to generate time-stamped-minimal cut sets (TS-MCS). TS-MCS cannot only be used as an alternative to generate 2TR but also to compute other unexplored reliability metrics in DTNs, e.g., the weakest link.

Objective: To propose a novel approach to enumerate both TS-MPS and TS-MCS of a dynamic network, thereby computing the 2TR of such networks.

Method: The proposed technique converts the time aggregated graph model of a dynamic network into a Line Graph (LG) while maintaining the time-varying graph’s node reachability information. This LG is used thereafter to generate TS-MCS as well as TS-MPS to compute 2TR of the network.

Result: The DTN examples are presented to show the efficacy and salient features of our algorithm to obtain 2TR of such networks.

Conclusion: The terminologies and techniques used for studying/analyzing network reliability of static networks can be extended to dynamic networks as well, e.g., the notion of minimal path sets to TS-MPS or minimal cut sets to TS-MCS, to assess their network reliability-a potential area of furthering network reliability research.

Keywords: Delay Tolerant Networks, Line Graph, Network Reliability, Time Aggregated Graph, Sum-of-Disjoint-Products

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