Hepatoprotective Effects of Red Cabbage in Hypercholesterolemic Diet-induced Oxidative Stressed Rabbits

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Author(s): Faiza Ashfaq, Masood Sadiq Butt, Ahmad Bilal, Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria*.

Journal Name: Current Bioactive Compounds

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Background: Diet-disease linkages are getting immense attention of the scientific fraternity. In this regard, red cabbage was assessed against hypercholesterolemic and related oxidative damage. Nowadays, plant bioactives are gaining immense attention among the masses to mitigate lifestyle related malfunctions. Considering phytochemistry and cost-effectiveness, the current project was designed to probe the bioefficacy red cabbage against hypercholesterolemic diet related oxidative stress in the liver.

Methods: The red cabbage and its aqueous extract were tested on male white New Zealand rabbits for 12 weeks. Two studies were conducted based on dietary regimens; normal and hypercholesterolemic diet (1% cholesterol). At termination, overnight fasted rabbits were sacrificed to assess serum specific and tissues biomarkers of hepatic oxidative stress alongside, hepatosomatic index and histopathology were studied.

Results: In hypercholesterolemic diet induced oxidative stressed rabbits, the supplementation of red cabbage and its aqueous extract suppressed the leakage of liver functioning enzymes in sera up to 15.63 and 12.70% (alanine transaminase), 13.88 and 9.55% (alkaline phosphatase), 12.96 and 8.82% (ɤglutamyl transferase) and 10.77 and 6.15% (total bilirubin). Besides, the respective diets also portrayed considerable reduction in hepatic lipid peroxidation up to 29.60 and 23.63% thus improved endogenous antioxidant enzymes; superoxide dismutase (17.97 and 15.92%) and catalase (24.39 and 20.98%). Furthermore, hepatosomatic index expounded a significant impact of treatments on oxidative stressed rabbits alongside mild degree of fibrotic and necrotic changes in their hepatic parenchyma was rectified by red cabbage, whereas red cabbage extract demonstrated slower rate of amelioration.

Conclusion: In the nutshell, dietary inclusions based on red cabbage have shown higher restorative potential against hepatic oxidative stress as compared to red cabbage aqueous extract.

Keywords: Red cabbage, liver, rabbits, oxidative stress, superoxide dismutase, catalase, lipid peroxidation, hepatosomatic index, histopathology.

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