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Articles Ahead of Print

Association of Tooth Bleaching and Microabrasion as a Resolution of Intrinsic Staining by Fluorosis: A Case Report

Iana Maria Costa Gonçalves, Raíssa Manoel Garcia, Amanda Guerra Cavalcante de Souza, Daniel Marioti Secchieri, Laís Cardelli, Luis Roberto Marcondes Martins and Débora Alves Nunes Leite Lima*

Development and Characterization of Triple Action-Dental Mold

Soma Sengupta, Shounak Sarkhel and Biswajit Mukherjee*

Factors Affecting the Wear Behavior of Monolithic Zirconia and the Antagonists: Literature Review

Marcia Borba*, Paula Benetti, Giordana P. Furini, Kátia Raquel Weber and Tábata Mariana da Silva

The Influence of Surface Treatments on Resin Bond Strength to Zirconia

Ulysses Lenz, Rodrigo Alessandretti and Alvaro Della Bona*

Effect of Filler Content and Waiting time Before Light-curing on Mechanical Properties of Dual-cured Cement

Ana Carla de Assunção Oliveira, Sandro Griza, Rafael Ratto de Moraes and André Luis Faria-e-Silva*