Recent Patents on Nanotechnology

ISSN (Print): 1872-2105
ISSN (Online): 2212-4020

Volume 17 , Issues 4, 2023

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues


Guest Editor(s): Francesca Borghi

September 2023

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Nanofluids, preparation, characterization and applications

Guest Editor(s): Lioua Kolsi, Abdulaziz AlGhamdi, Mohamed Bouzidi,

Dec 2023

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Advanced Materials and Devices for Optoelectronics

Guest Editor(s): Baiquan Liu

Feb 2023

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Role of Nanotechnology in the Treatment of Life Threating Diseases

Guest Editor(s): Parijat Pandey

October 2023

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Advances in nanotechnology for the health sciences

Guest Editor(s): João Francisco Justo, Elidamar Nunes de Carvalho Lima

March 2023

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Antimony chalcogenides, a new commer for solar cells

Guest Editor(s): Jianmin Li

March 2023

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Recent advances in nanotechnology for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications: from diagnosis to treatment

Guest Editor(s): Mehdi Mogharabi-Manzari

Dec 2022

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Nanotechnology in Biomechanics

Guest Editor(s): Mohammad Azadi

July 2020

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Environmental nanotechnology: Conserve environment, Conserve Life

Guest Editor(s): Dragana Tomašević Pilipović

Guest Editor(s): Srđan Rončević

December 2020

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