Current Neuropharmacology

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Volume 21 , Issues 12, 2023

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

Rethinking 'Innovation' in Psychiatry with Older and Newer Treatments: from Bench to Benchside Berardis Domenico De Martinotti Giovanni CN-SII20220412-01.pdf Clinical and pharmacological insights into the understanding and treatment of SUD and NPS-induced psychiatric symptoms Schifano Fabrizio Martinotti Giovanni CN-SII20220408-01.pdf Neural mechanisms underlying substance and behavioral addiction in human He Qinghua CN-SII20220408-02.pdf Epilepsy and Related Neuropsychiatric Comorbidities: Basic and Clinical Research Citraro Rita Leo Antonio CN-SII20220225-01.pdf How to modulate peripheral and central nervous system could help to modulate and resolve acute and chronic pain. From bench to bedside Allegri Massimo Ambroggi Frederic CN-SII20220106-01.pdf Subcortical contribution to the role of the Basal ganglia in action selection Coizet Veronique Ambroggi Frederic CN-SII20220106-01.pdf Nanotechnology-based drug delivery as therapeutic modalities for neurological diseases Ali Javed Baboota Sanjula CN-SII20211231-01.pdf Discovery of Natural Products against neurodegenerative diseases Scotti Luciana T. Scotti Marcus CN-SII20211217-02.pdf Obsessive compulsive disorder: Neurobiology and Treatment Leroy Hoffman Kurt CN-SII20211217-01.pdf CN-SII20211215-01 Emerging Neurobiological Concepts and Therapies for Neurological Rare Diseases Bargiotas Panagiotis December 2021 CN-SII20211215-01.pdf CN-SII20210316-01 Caspase Functions in Acute Brain Injury Zhang John H. Huang Lei Lenahan Cameron Fang Yuanjian October 2021 CN-SII20210316-01.pdf CN-SII20210208-02 Current Frontiers in Methamphetamine Use Disorder: Are We Prepared for New Methamphetamine Epidemic? Moszczynska Anna June 2021 CN-SII20210208-02.pdf CN-SII20210208-01 Medicinal Chemistry studies against neurodegenerative diseases Scotti Luciana Scotti Marcus T. June 2021 CN-SII20210208-01.pdf CN-SII20210114-01 Understanding brain diseases: From receptor dysregulation to neurodegeneration,neuroinflammation and memory impairment Ribeiro Fabiola M. June 2021 CN-SII20210114-01.pdf CN-SII20201224-01 Innovative Drug Discovery for Neurodegenerative Diseases Viegas Claudio Smid Scott July 2021 CN-SII20201224-01.pdf CN-SII20201126-01 Critical appraisals on Neuron-Glia interactions in Neurological Disorders Pottoo Faheem Hyder Shen Bairong Kamal Mohammad Amjad December 2020 CN-SII20201126-01.pdf CN-SII20201120-01 Central histamine in neuropsychiatric disorders Chen Zhong March 2021 CN-SII20201120-01.pdf CN-SII20201118-01 Hypothalamic neuroendocrine studies in neuropharmacology Wang Yu-Feng Sha Lei Parpura Vladimir December 2020 CN-SII20201118-01.pdf CN-SII20200922-01 Neuroactive Botanicals Oketch-Rabah Hellen November 2020 CN-SII20200922-01.pdf CN-SII20200827-01 Neuroscience and clinical effectiveness of physical activity and body work in mental health: a comparison to pharmacological interventions Tsang Prof. Hector Kranz Dr. Georg S. February 2021 CN-SII20200827-01.pdf CN-SII20200812-01 Early life programming of neurodegenerative diseases and novel strategies to reduce the risk Frasch Dr. MG Antonelli Marta C. January 2021 CN-SII20201221-01.pdf CN-SII20200806-01 Neuroprotective effects of plant origin compounds against radiation-induced neurodegeneration/CNS disorders Ahmadi Amirhossein November 2020 CN-SII20210909-01.pdf CN-SII20200714-01 ADVANCES IN PATHOPHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGICAL APPROACHES IN BRAIN HYPOXIA-ISCHEMIA INSULT Capani Francisco March 2021 CN-SII20200714-01.pdf CN-SII20200702-01 Alternative models in neuropharmacology: the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Carlini Célia R. Bonan Carla Denise November 2020 CN-SII20200702-01.pdf CN-SII20200619-01 Cutting-edge Updates in the Diagnostics and Therapeutics of Neurological Disorders Jiang Jiehui Kung Woon-Man July 2021 CN-SII20201224-01.pdf CN-SII20200601-01 Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy in Neurological Disorders: Current Status and Future Directions Kamal Mohammad Amjad Bahbah Eshak I. Negida Ahmed December 2020 CN-SII20200601-01.pdf CN-SII20200518-03 Basic and clinical research in psychopharmacology WANG Qiang May 2020 CN-SII20200518-03.pdf CN-SII20200518-02 Brain Connectivity Regulation as a target of intervention in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Luo Cheng May 2020 CN-SII20200518-02.pdf CN-SII20200518-01 Biomaterials for Neurotherapoutics: from lab discovery to clinical application Ao Qiang Wang Aijun July 2020 CN-SII20200518-01.pdf CN-SII20200514-05 Pathogenesis of neurotrauma and novel neuroprotective treatments Kwiecien Jacek M. July 2020 CN-SII20200514-05.pdf CN-SII20200514-02 Role of autophagy and its potential therapeutic value in stroke Xu Weilin Shao Anwen Zhang John H. July 2020 CN-SII20200514-02.pdf CN-SII20200514-01 Roles of neuroinflammation in cerebral ischemic injury Jiachun Feng December 2020 CN-SII20200514-01.pdf CN-SII20200210-01 Treatment principles and new approaches in neuromuscular diseases Akkol Esra Küpeli Khan Haroon December 2020 CN-SII20200210-01.pdf CN-SII20191118-01 Parkinson´s and Alzheimer´s diseases and natural products: Pathologies and medication of the new times Nabavi Seyed M. Sobarzo-Sánchez Eduardo June 2020 CN-SII20200514-04.pdf CN-SII20191019-01 Effect of Neuropeptides on Neuropsychiatric Disorders Li Bingjin March 2020 CN-SII20191019-01.pdf CN-SII20191014-02 Neuromodulation of the Response to Neuropathic Pain in Chronic Diseases Alfaro-Rodriguez Alfonso July 2020 CN-SII20191014-02.pdf 17 1 2019 167850 16 10 2018 166556 CN-SII2017609-04 THE PHARMACOLOGICAL THERAPIES OF CEREBELLAR ATAXIAS Mitoma Hiroshi Manto Mario November 2017 CN-SII2017609-04.pdf 16 6 2018 162931 CN-SII20160915-01 In silico studies in the drug research against the neurodegenerative diseases Scotti Luciana Scotti Marcus T. April 2017 CN-SII20160915-01.pdf 16 5 2018 154760 CN-SII20161206-02 KCa3.1 channels in glioblastoma Catacuzzeno Luigi Franciolini Fabio July 2017 CN-SII20161206-02.pdf 15 4 2017 149925 CN-SII20141118-01 Neuroprotection mechanisms and their potential applications Cutuli Debora December 2015 CN-SII20141118-01.pdf 15 2 2017 148977 CN-SII20150629-01 The faces of Mania: the legacy of Athanasios Koukopoulos G Sani GD Kotzalidis P Girardi April 2016 CN-SII20150629-01.pdf 15 2 2017 148977 CN-SII20141208-01 Spinal Neuropharmacological Agents for the Management of Pain Duarte Rui V. Raphael Jon H. Eldabe Sam May 2015 CN-SII20141208-01.pdf 15 1 2017 148396 CN-SII20141222-01 DIFFUSE INTRINSIC PONTINE GLIOMASUPDATE ON RESEARCH ADVANCES Bredlau Amy-Lee February 2015 CN-SII20141222-01.pdf 14 8 2016 146842 CN-SII20170406-01 Retinal Neurodegeneration in the Course of Diabetes: Neuroprotection as a Potential Treatment Target Zorena Katarzyna 14 8 2016 146842 CN-SII20170406-02 Brain Gut Axis-New View Sikiric Predrag 14 7 2016 145098 CN-SII20150330-01 Inflammatory and immune responses in depression Sharma Abhay December 2015 CN-SII20150330-01.pdf 14 6 2016 143657 CN-SII20141208-02 MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION & NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS Kumar Ashutosh August 2015 CN-SII20141208-02.pdf 14 5 2016 142802 CN-SII20141022-01 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors Salt Tom Nicoletti Ferdinando June 2015 CN-SII20141022-01.pdf 14 4 2016 141108 CN-SII20150325-01 Strategies of Current drugs and alternative treatments for Neurodegenerative Diseases WANG Xiao-Ping July 2015 CN-SII20150325-01.pdf 14 3 2016 140086 CN-SII20141223-01 CRITICAL ANALISES OF MECHANISM-BASED THERAPIES AGAINST PARKINSON’S DISEASE:CONCEPTS AND PERSPECTIVES Bisaglia Marco May-June 2015 CN-SII20141223-01.pdf 14 1 2016 138652 CN-SII20141110-01 EPIGENETICS, DRUGS AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM Bókkon István Mallick Birendra Nath March 2015 CN-SII20141110-01.pdf 13 6 2015 137267 CN-SII20141211-01 New Targets of Medical Treatment in Psychiatric Disorders Kennedy James L yui Kunio February 2015 CN-SII20141211-01.pdf 13 5 2015 135755 CN-SII20140303-01 TRANSLATIONAL PERSPECTIVES IN TREATMENT-RESISTANT MOOD DISORDERS MD, PhD F. Carvalho André MD, FRCP S. McIntyre Roger November 2014 CN-SII20140303-01.pdf 13 4 2015 134501 CN-SII20140704-01 A Systematic Review of Depression Dr. Cui Ranji December 2014 CN-SII20140704-01.pdf 13 2 2015 131649 CN-SII20140819-02 Role of Antioxidants treatments on Oxidative Stress and Calcium Entry in Neurological Disease: Focus on TRP Channels Nazıroğlu Mustafa February 2015 CN-SII20140819-02.pdf 13 2 2015 131653 CN-SII20140425-03 Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Rodents: A Tool for the Investigation of Psychoactive Drugs and Neuropsychiatric Conditions Simola Nicola November 2014 CN-SII20140425-03.pdf 13 1 2015 130256 CN-SII20140425-01 Synthetic androgen and New Psycho-Active Compounds (smart drugs) Abuse and Dependance. Neuropathological and Toxicological Findings, with an Approach Designed for The Future. MD, PhD Fineschi Vittorio November 2014 CN-SII20140425-01.pdf CN-SII20140221-01 Astroglial cells as therapeutic targets in the diseases of the CNS Parpura Vladimir Verkhratsky Alexei August 2014 CN-SII20140221-01.pdf
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