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Effect of Lipase Treatment on Physical and Dyeing Properties of Cellulose Acetate Fabric

Objective: Cellulose acetate fabric was bio-treated by lipase enzyme. Afterwards, untreated and bio-treated fabrics were dyed with direct and disperse dyes in conventional methods.

Methods: Enzymatic deacetylation of cellulose acetate fibers led to an improvement in hydrophilicity. The whiteness index of cellulose acetate fabric slightly decreased from 95.81 to 95.79 after bio-pretreatment.

Results: Lipase pre-treatment also caused an increase in fiber diameter of up to 54.80%. Bending length decreased from 1.95 to 1.80 cm after enzymatic treatment while the number of threads per centimeter and fabric thickness increased. Bio-treated fabric showed lower tensile strength in comparison to untreated fabric almost 52.48%. Change in the morphology of fibers was observed by SEM after enzymatic deacetylation. Bio-treated fabric showed an increase in color strength in comparison to the untreated fabric.

Conclusion: The lipase pretreatment increased the color strength by 19.04 % and 18.50 % for direct and disperse dyes respectively.

Journal Title: Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering

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