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Matrine-Family Alkaloids: Versatile Precursors for Bioactive Modifications

Matrine-family alkaloids as tetracycloquinolizindine analogues from Tradition Chinese Medicine Sophora flavescens Ait, Sophora subprostrata and Sophora alopecuroides L possess various pharmacological activities and have aroused great interests over the past decades. Especially, a great deal of matrine derivatives are designed and synthesized and their biological activities are investigated, and encouraging results have been continually achieved in recent several years. These studies are helpful to develop more potent candidates or therapeutic agents and disclose their molecular targets and mechanisms. The account will review recent advances on the bioactive modifications of matrine-family alkaloids from derivatization of the C-13, C-14 or C-15 position, opening D ring, fusing D ring and structural simplification.

Journal Title: Medicinal Chemistry

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