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Hybrids of Coumarin Derivatives as Potent and Multifunctional Bioactive Agents: A Review

Coumarins exhibit a plethora of biological activities, e.g. anti – inflammatory and anti – tumor. Molecular hybridization technique has been implemented in the design of novel coumarin hybrids with several bioactive groups in order to obtain molecules with better pharmacological activity and improved pharmacokinetic profile.

Objective: Therefore, we tried to gather as many as biological active coumarin hybrids referred in the literature till now, to delineate the structural characteristics in relation to the activities and to have a survey that might help the medicinal chemists to design new coumarin hybrids with drug-likeness and varied bioactivities.

Results: The biological activities of the hybrids in the most of the cases were found to be different from the biological activities presented by the parent coumarins The results showed that the hybrid molecules are more potent compared to the standard drugs used in the evaluation experiments.

Conclusion: Conjugation of coumarin with varied pharmacophore groups /druglike molecules responsible for different biological activities led to many novel hybrid molecules, with a multitarget behavior and improved pharmacokinetic properties

Journal Title: Medicinal Chemistry

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