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Protein/ Hormone Based Nanoparticles as Carriers for Drugs Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions


Background: In this review, protein-protein interactions (PPIs) were defined, and their behaviors in normal in disease conditions are discussed. Their status at nuclear, molecular and cellular level was underscored, as for their interference in many diseases. Finally, the use of protein nanoscale structures as possible carriers for drugs targeting PPIs was highlighted.

Objective: The objective of this review is to suggest a novel approach for targeting PPIs. By using protein nanospheres and nanocapsules, a promising field of study can be emerged.

Methods: To solidify this argument, PPIs and their biological significance was discussed, same as their role in hormone signaling.

Results: We shed the light on the drugs that targets PPI and we suggested the use of nanovectors to encapsulate these drugs to possibly achieve better results.

Conclusion: Protein based nanoparticles, due to their advantages, can be suitable carriers for drugs targeting PPIs. This can open a new opportunity in the emerging field of multifunctional therapeutics.

Journal Title: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

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