Orthodontic Treatment of Class III Malocclusion

Class III Treatment with Lingual Orthodontics

Author(s): Toshiaki Hiro

Pp: 341-417 (77)

Doi: 10.2174/9781608054916114010016

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Lingual Orthodontics is believed to require long treatment time and the results are usually unsatisfactory. However, Lingual Orthodontics has a lot of advantages that are not seen with Labial Orthodontics. In this chapter, the author will illustrate with cases that Lingual Orthodontics can be very effective in treating Class III cases due to the ease in tipping back mandibular molars. In addition, the author will demonstrate that tooth movement in Lingual Orthodontics is quite different from Labial Orthodontics. Quite often, cases that require orthognathic surgery with Labial Orthodontics may be done non-surgically if Lingual Orthodontics is used.

Keywords: Lingual Orthodontics, Skeletal Class III malocclusions, Anterior crossbite, Non-surgical treatment, Backward rotation of the mandible.

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