Inside the New University: Prerequisites for a Contemporary Knowledge Production

Intercontinental Master´s Programme in Adult Learning and Global Change

Author(s): Madeleine A. Dahlgren, Lars O. Dahlgren and Garnet Grosjean

Pp: 42-66 (25)

Doi: 10.2174/9781608057269113010007

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The chapter describes experiences of an international web-based program entitled Adult learning and global change (ICM/ALGC) that has now been effective since 2001. The aims of the program are to enable students to learn and teach globally and use global technologies; understand knowledge-based societies and the implications for learning; develop an understanding of Globalization discourses, and develop cultural sensibilities and sensitivities; develop equity perspectives on learning, and engage in reframing their own professional practices; establish a global community of adult learning practitioners, and challenge orthodoxies in adult education practice.

Four universities in four continents cooperate through taking on responsibility for the whole cohort during the courses that they provide. The chapter comprises quotations from students to illustrate ways the programme is experienced from their perspective.

Considering the pace of development of information and communication technology all over the world, one challenge for the future is to continue to explore ways that we can enhance our web-based teaching. The advances in ICT in most countries provide an opportunity to make the ICM/ALGC program even more dynamic. In contexts like South Africa where telephone costs are exorbitant and the internet is relatively slow, there is an inevitable drag on the overall system which does shape what innovations can be used. However, the contexts are very dynamic and the programme has to continually be in touch with the emerging possibilities.

Keywords: International Collaboration, Master’s Programme, Adult Learning, Web-Based Education, Students’ Evaluation, Curriculum Design, Globalization, ICT, ALGC, Research, Pedagogical Practice, Development, Challenge, Future, Global Change, Cross Cultural Environment.

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