Inside the New University: Prerequisites for a Contemporary Knowledge Production

Learning and the “Net Generation”

Author(s): Bengt Kjellén

Pp: 14-27 (14)

Doi: 10.2174/9781608057269113010005

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The idea of a “Net Generation” has been around for some time and diverse claims have been made as to how its members differ from earlier generations. Specifically, these claims points toward a necessity for higher education to change and adapt when they enter our universities. In the first part of this article, some of these claims are discussed and questioned. In the second part, the results of an inquiry into the learning experience of two members of this generation are presented. These results and the preceding discussion of their generation lead to the conclusion that the changes that may be required in our institutions of higher education should not be based on the assumption that the students of today are so very different in their approach to learning. The question of how to make better use of their skills and of available tools, however, merits further study.

Keywords: Net Generation, Digital Natives, Learning, Learning Experiences, Learning Approaches, Learning Spaces, Descriptive Phenomenology, Internet, Technology Use, Digital Tools, Generation, Digital Habits, ICT Competence, Digital Immigrants.

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