Dominant Algorithms to Evaluate Artificial Intelligence: From the view of Throughput Model

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms

Author(s): Waymond Rodgers

Pp: 1-28 (28)

Doi: 10.2174/9789815049541122010003

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution generation has ushered in extremely sophisticated digital apparatuses that have taken the place of manual processing to ensure higher automation and sophistication. Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides the tools to exhibit human-like behaviors while adjusting to the newly given inputs and accommodating change in the environment. Moreover, the tech-giants such as Amazon, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many others are investing in generating AI-driven products to facilitate the market demands for sophisticated automation. AI will continually influence areas such as job opportunities, environmental protection, healthcare, and other areas in economic and social systems.

Keywords: Algorithms, Artificial intelligence.(AI), Audit, Bias, Big data, Cognitive automation, Decision choice, Deep learning, Digital workforce, Financial robots, Information, Judgment, Machine learning, Natural language processing (NLP), Neural networks, Perception, Robotic process automation (RPA), Throughput Model, Transparency.

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